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  1. CBoukal

    What a mess!!!!

    Thank you so much @Scap for the awesome bomb. My neighbors are going to be pissed because our mailbox is destroyed!!!! I am very humbled and thankful for the pope tobacco I get to try!!!
  2. CBoukal

    Newbie questions

    I dabbled in smoking pipes a few years ago but didn’t really take it anywhere. I also didn’t do much homework before I started. My main question at this moment is about tobacco storage. I have the below tin from Christmas of 2015 unopened. Is it still good? How should I be storing...
  3. CBoukal

    Boveda Smart Sensor

    Has anyone tried the Boveda Smart Sensor?? It came up on my facebook today as something I might be interested in and they were right for once. I did a quick search here and didn't get any hits on people talking about it. Maybe its very new or maybe I can't search correctly. Seems like a...
  4. CBoukal


    Interesting door mat at a cigar shop in Houston
  5. CBoukal

    The answer to the age old question

    So I was going through my humidor tonight for something to smoke when I found this. No idea where I got it or from whom but this should solve the question of cello on or off. Just do half and half.....
  6. CBoukal

    Flying Pig vs its big brother

    Has anyone had the flying pigs from DE? Are they as strong as the Feral Flying Pigs?? I know they are shorter which would make a nice quicker smoke but if they are as strong I might have to pass since I have to have eaten a hearty dinner and have some decent whiskey lined up before I can do...
  7. CBoukal

    Rocky Mountain Cigar Fest 2016

    Anyone going to the Rocky Mountain Cigar Fest in Broomfield, CO this year?? I just booked my ticket and plane ride and wanted to see if anyone else is planning on attending. If not maybe we'll need to at least get together to share in a smoke while I am in Denver.
  8. CBoukal

    Sampler worth it?

    So I have been getting further into trying different cigars and I wanted to take a leap further into the ISOM's. I found a well known site that has a sampler that includes the below cigars for $80. Is this a good place a start to see what I like or would someone else venture differently if...
  9. CBoukal

    Drawers in my wineador and boveda?

    i just ordered my drawers for my wineador and I got to thinking about air flow for each drawer. I currently use an oasis but I am going back to beads because I don't feel like the oasis it keeping up like it should. I was thinking 2 lbs of beads on the bottom and a boveda pack in each...
  10. CBoukal

    For all you tat fans

    Just saw this at my B&M, he said it just came in today. $60 is a little much for me but still cool for people who love the monster sets
  11. CBoukal


    Does anyone have any experience with this stick?  My B&M is running a buy 2 get one free (I don't know how much he is asking per stick).  I was going to pick up a couple this weekend to try but I didn't see anything on CP about it.   Size: 5×50, Robusto Wrapper: Brazillian Mata Fina Binder...
  12. CBoukal

    What do you travel with

    I know the first thing you'll think is what cigar stuff do you travel with since this is CP, but I am more curious what else you travel with. I was telling CJ (Wkoti) today that my 4 year old son asked me to sleep with my stuffed dog last night (my wife and him also have matching ones)...
  13. CBoukal

    ios development

    Is there anyone that hangs out here that has the development skills to write/create an iOS app? I have been thinking for long time that there needs to be an app out there that is both a great cigar inventory program and a great personal cigar review app in one. I have been putting a lot of...
  14. CBoukal

    Jordan's Theater

    So it appears that Micheal Jordan built a Cigar friendly Theater in his new house. This is pretty awesome I think and wanted to share. He isn't a member here is he? We need a herf in this theater ASAP!
  15. CBoukal

    Lets play "What is this box"

    Ok so my local B&M posted the below pic on their facebook saying they have them in stock starting yesterday. I googled a little bit and found some that say they are super rare and get them, and others that just show different "characters" but nothing specific that looked like this one. I have...
  16. CBoukal

    La Palina

    OK gentlemen, I did some searching for this brand and besides Cigarman Andy posting a few times about it and them showing up in a pass or 2 they aren't really reviewed that I can find at least. I have never had this brand before but its always on the top of Rod's forums so I should ask about...
  17. CBoukal

    Ave Maria

    So I have a question about Ave Maria. I used the search and it came up with 7 references. One of which was about Oozing from the tip which scares me a bunch. I was looking at my catalog from my order of Devils Weed I received yesterday and they have an 8 cigar sampler for $50. Being the...
  18. CBoukal

    J walking could land you in your underpants or worse

    Did anyone else see the below ruling by the high court that says "officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, however minor, before admitting them to jails even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband"...
  19. CBoukal

    Wet behind the ears

    Ok so I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to cigars but I am learning tons from this site so maybe I am a slight step above that now. I have a question for you guys who "know people". Every year I go to Denver, CO to visit a friend and there is a cigar shop there that the guy rolls his own...
  20. CBoukal

    Need advise for dry sticks

    OK I got a new humidor about a month ago and seasoned it to 75% and calibrated the hydrometer. Then I put my sticks in there and it dropped to about 55% and it didn't come back up. I pulled the hydrometer and realized that it was way off again and bought a "proper" one from Heartfelt and...