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  1. Bsneed51

    3 Floyds

    Anyone have access to 3 Floyds beers? I se they are starting to can their "everyday" bets and would love to get my hands on some.
  2. Bsneed51

    Looking for Rum suggestions

    I've been thinking of adding a few new spirits to keep on hand. I've been in the mood for Rum lately, but I know very little about them. Does anyone have suggestions of a decent bottle of sipping rum? Something fairly readily available and not overly expensive? Thanks
  3. Bsneed51


    John, thank you my friend. Not sure how I got on your radar. I try to stay out of the crosshairs as much as possible. I'm humbled you thought of me.
  4. Bsneed51

    Table top lighter

    I've been thinking about picking up a table top lighter. I like the Xikar one, but it's a bit more than I think I want to spend. So I ask. ..what table top lighter do you have and do you like it?
  5. Bsneed51

    Everybody's got jokes!

    Hahahaha Bri! You think you're pretty funny with your grape blunts and porta-potty shots. Two can play this game. Thank you for the other part of the box you sent. Watch your ass!
  6. Bsneed51

    Coke is it

    The guy asks if you've ever tried a certain cigar. Offers to send you one. Sends a lot more than that. Thank you oke&coke. Much appreciated.
  7. Bsneed51


    I know this has been discussed many times over, but it's been a while.   So, after 8 years my trust Blazer PB207 seems to be on it's last leg.    Probably the best $40 I've spent.    Anyway, thinking I will probably replace it with another, but wanted to check with you guys to see if anyone has...
  8. Bsneed51


    I know some of you are friends with Brad on Facebook, and have already seen this, but for those of you that are not I just wanted to let you know that Brad has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.   There are also some spots where the tumor has spread to his liver.   He is going to be...
  9. Bsneed51

    The Royals in the World Series?

    You have no idea the cloud I'm on.   Never, ever thought I'd see it happen.   
  10. Bsneed51

    Bloody Mary

    For reasons I can't even begin to fathom, I've had a craving for a Bloody Mary lately.   Are there any of the bottle mixes that are tolerable?   If not, does anyone have a decent recipe? 
  11. Bsneed51

    Happy birthday LilBastage!

    Happy birthday Alan!   Hope you're at least a little less cantankerous today.       Enjoy it my friend.
  12. Bsneed51

    Damn Sneeds....wait, what?

    So that's how it's going to be? Bombing me using my own name? So who found my addy? I'll find out who sold me out. Thank you. It was much appreciated, especially the note. Oh, and for anyone else that got bombed by "me" who might be looking for revenge, start with their leader louich...
  13. Bsneed51

    Bring your 'A' game

    In a discussion about cigars a few weeks back the topic came up of 'A' sized cigars, and how we probably all have one or two, but almost never get around to smoking them because we don't want to commit to the time/effort.    Well, no more.   The weather is starting to turn nice most places so...
  14. Bsneed51

    Bring your 'A' game

    Contest details here: Start smoking and posting your 'A' reviews.
  15. Bsneed51

    To be clear

    It seems several of you received packages from "me" yesterday. Just want you all to know that I am not behind them. I would hate for anyone to get the impression that I'm nice, generous, or that I like any of you (especially the turtle kid.) One thing though, for those of you that had a...
  16. Bsneed51

    99 cent cigar, and flat Diet soda HERF

    I'll supply the Cheap Bastard Cigars, and week old Diet Coke.   Who's in?
  17. Bsneed51


    Seriously newbies? Not just one, but two packages today? You've just about irritated me enough that a couple of you are going to learn a hard lesson. Thanks to whomever sent these. I especially appreciate the note included in the box from "Rod". And the beers will probably head with me to...
  18. Bsneed51

    Happy birthday fatman1267

    Happy birthday Matt. I'm sure we will figure out some way to celebrate with some good cigars and scotch. Now get your day off to a good start by making that bald headed plant bitch do some work he won't enjoy.
  19. Bsneed51

    Clearly a mistake was made

    I'm not sure which of you noobs got the bright idea that I deserve to be included in your bombing run, but when compared to your other targets I'm pretty insignificant. With that said, unlike a fellow Missouri brethren, I have a full toolbox and know how to use them. I'll get into the box...
  20. Bsneed51


    I've been trying to figure out who you are, but forgive me for coming up blank so far. Thanks for the very nice package. I appreciate it more than you know. Shoot m a PM so I know who you are and so I can say thanks personally.