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  1. MaxNoodle

    Rolling party- Pittsburgh Area I plan on being there!! Let me know if anyone is going so we can meet up.
  2. MaxNoodle

    Baby Nolla finally arrived!

    Hey all - its been a while. Short update! Nicholas Anthony Nolla joined us on Nov 28th 2009 @ 9:03 pm, Weighing in @ 7lb 15oz and 20.5 inches.
  3. MaxNoodle

    Its a Boy Bands

    Does any one have a reliable source for "Its a Boy" cigar bands - wife is ready to POP! Thanks. ~ t
  4. MaxNoodle

    NYC crew I'm comin back tomorrow

    I'll be in town tomorrow morning until Saturday morning. If anyone wants to meet up let me or call 412-523-4759. ~ Tony
  5. MaxNoodle

    NYC Crew - Back to NYC

    I'll be in town from 6/10 - 6/ evenings are touch and go except next Sunday 6/14 and Monday 6/15 I am absolutely free...let me know if anyone can hook up any of these days even during the week and I'll try to stop in for a quick one. Sun & Mon Im free all day / night! My cell...
  6. MaxNoodle

    Back in NYC tonight!

    Not sure of my schedule...tonight is out! Tomorrow is a possability! You all have my cell phone #. I'll call someone once I get there...hopefully I'll have internet access... ~ t
  7. MaxNoodle


    Well - looks like Im starting all over again - got one from my previous marriage graduating college next month and my wife just found out shes pregnant today! Needless to say there will be a few contests over the next 9 months, but I just wanted to share this with my brothers and sisters today...
  8. MaxNoodle

    Very Dry CC help

    I was given some CC's from a friend. They were very dry to the point that the wrapper was cracking. I wasn't sure what to do so I took some distilled water and a small brush and and painted the distilled water over the cracks until the absorbed some of the water and looked smooth and then put...
  9. MaxNoodle

    I'll be in NYC Tue evening thru Thursday

    I will be there for work but should be available for a quick smoke Tuesday night later...I get to JFK @ 7:30...I will be at a Hospital working all day Wednesday but available Wed evening to meet up as well. Working Thursday and going straight to Thursday is no good...Tue evening and Wed...
  10. MaxNoodle

    Any day traders / E-traders out there...

    PM me. I've been watching a specific stock and need some input... Also, any advice anyone can offer would be good. I'm doing ok for not really knowing what the hell I'm doing... Thanks. ~ t
  11. MaxNoodle

    Pittsburgh area Golf HERF

    Gauging interest for a get together. Lets say Saturday April 11th. Gives us time to set a course and get a reservation so need "committments" quickly. This is for any course located in the general Pittsburgh area. (Unlike the HERF which ended up in Ohio), this time I'm thinking local (although...
  12. MaxNoodle

    ISO 10 man tent to borrow...

    I'm looking to borrow a 10 man tent if someone is willing to lend it to me. I will pay shipping charges both ways. I need it mid April for a BoyScout camping trip at the end of April. I will return it with a little sumpin-sumpin ;) Thanks! ~ t
  13. MaxNoodle

    Vinotemp / cigar question

    Ok so to all of you who may know what the problem may be. I keep my vinotemp at pretty much a 65% - 67% but I keep it cool inside (which I believe may be the problem / solution)...anyway, my sticks are smoking as if they are dry, the wrapper is splitting, not to where it is unsmokable, but just...
  14. MaxNoodle

    Headin' to ChicagoLand week of March 14-19

    I have a convention to attend during the week of March 14 - 19 and will be there for a couple of those days. So Can anyone tell me of any good cigar friendly places to stop? Edit: The convention is at "McCormick Place" if anyone knows where thats some place around there. Thanks! ~ t
  15. MaxNoodle

    Not a HERF - but...

    I'll be at Jernigans for a brief period tomorrow around 5-ish if anyone wants to join me. Send PM. Jim - enough notice?
  16. MaxNoodle

    "EXPLODING" with a Steelers Victory!

    Delivery Confirmation™ # 0103 8555 7495 4410 9143 Delivery Confirmation™ # 0103 8555 7495 3362 3384 Edit to add: Heres some more.... Delivery Confirmation™ # 0103 8555 7495 2400 2952 Delivery Confirmation™ # 0103 8555 7495 1351 7191 GO STEELERS!!!!!! ~ t
  17. MaxNoodle

    Need an addy for "tangomar"

    Title says it all. Thanks. ~ t
  18. MaxNoodle

    Question concerning Tins

    I just recently started to buy tins so I have some quick smokes on hand. My question is this. Considering the tins are metal. Should I NOT store them in my vino-temp due to possible rust issues?? If so, what do you put the sticks in? Thanks! ~ t
  19. MaxNoodle


    I'm going to Jernigans tonight after work (6-ish) if anyone would like to join me to try out some new sticks :) PM me if you wanna come along, I'll bring extras - surprise!!!! ~ t
  20. MaxNoodle

    Cigar Value?

    I just want to be fair when I put a price on a stick I have when doing a sale/trade/pass etc... I have seen some posts as of late accusing others of gouging and I was also involved in one myself, and admittedly I was the one who sent the wrong info but it was rectified. But this leads me to a...