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  1. Bsneed51

    Happy birthday Bsneed51!

    Thanks. Just kicking it at home with a beer and cigar.
  2. Bsneed51

    RIP Larry - Golfgar - You represented the best of us

    This hit me hard this morning when I first saw the news. I've had the pleasure to enjoy Larry's company when he would make his way to KC to visit his daughter. We've shared stories and laughs over cigars and a few drinks. And of course we trash talked each other over the Royals and Cardinals...
  3. Bsneed51

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2020)

    Maybe for the first time in 20 years I'm drinking beer faster than I'm buying it. Fortunately most of my favorite local breweries are delivering now.
  4. Bsneed51

    How has COVID-19 impacted you?

    I get all the concern, but everything about this freaking sucks.
  5. Bsneed51

    MLB 13 Run Pool Year VI Now Full!

    Who doesn't love watching a pitcher either stand and watch 3 strikes with the bat on his shoulder, or flail away like a 5 year old picking up a bat for the first time? #TeamDH
  6. Bsneed51

    MLB 13 Run Pool Year VI Now Full!

    Crap, how did I miss this? I'm in for 2
  7. Bsneed51

    Clive Cussler has passed

    Damn. I need to get some of his books out and read them again.
  8. Bsneed51

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2020)

    I'm normally not a pilsner fan, but bought this on a recommendation. It's fantastic. I could see drinking a lot of this in July/August.
  9. Bsneed51

    Thanks Clint!

    Someone vandalized your car and put that awful Redbird on it.
  10. Bsneed51

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2020)

    That's intriguing. I need to track that one down
  11. Bsneed51

    A bourbon newbie's opinion............

    Since you like the Weller, and wheaters in general, try Makers 46. Far superior to regular Makers.
  12. Bsneed51

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  13. Bsneed51

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2019)

    Yes. 4 of us.
  14. Bsneed51

    Today’s Smoke 2019

    Their regular line is my go to "everyday" stick. I prefer the rothschild size. And they're easy on the wallet.
  15. Bsneed51

    It pays the bills..

    I thought collecting Elk semen was your job. Is that just a hobby?
  16. Bsneed51

    Today’s Smoke 2019

    JFR Lunatic maduro short robusto. Decent stick. Didn't blow me away, but good for a reasonably priced daily smoke. I've been digging a lot of Aganorsa stuff lately. Reminds me of early Pepin blends, but maybe not as complex. Working my way through the whole line trying to find a go to.
  17. Bsneed51

    Double fisting

    Any time my wife has acted like she wants to pick up one of my hobbies, I try to blow her or out of the water to turn her away. Cask strength whiskey The hoppiest IPA Strong cigar Fishing a pond I know doesn't have fish in it Needless to say, she hasn't liked any of them yet.