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  1. cookie_1978

    Pens vs Tampa - Premium 5r

    Anyone want Tampa? First response in this thread gets the bet. LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. There is just nothing better in sports than playoff hockey.
  2. cookie_1978

    Pens vs Caps - Premium 5r

    It is that time of year - Two best teams in the East face off against each other. I will take the PENS. I will take the first response in this thread as my opponent. LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. cookie_1978

    My new summer drink

    I have placed a twist on my Moscow Mule - This year it is a Kentucky Mule - Substitute Bourbon instead of Vodka.   Very refreshing.   Give it a try if you have a copper mug, ginger beer and lime juice.  
  4. cookie_1978

    Cigar Crawl - Pittsburgh

    Anyone else from this CP going on the Cigar Crawl on May 31st?
  5. cookie_1978

    Pens vs. Rangers - Premium 5r

    I will take the Pens.   If anyone wants the bet, just post in this thread. 
  6. cookie_1978

    Sneed hits again.............WTF

    So the Sneed sniper hits again.   Another terrific selection - I am telling you - once we find out the origin of this attack - shit is going to be flying.    Thanks again - whoever you are............................
  7. cookie_1978

    Sneed attacks again. Hits really hard.

    So let me recap the past 24 hours - The wife calls me down to the garage to tell me the main sewer line is backed up throughout the basement.   So I call the plumber to clear the drain.   He says he will be at the house by 6 am to do the job.   I get up at 5 to have a cup of coffee - walk to the...
  8. cookie_1978

    Stanley Cup Playoff's - Pens vs. Flyers - Premium 5'r bet

    It is that time of year again. Any Philadelphia fans want to put up a premium 5'r on the opening series between the two clubs? First reply in this thread gets the bet. It should be a great series. LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. cookie_1978

    World Series - Premium 5'r bet

    I will take the first message in this thread for a premium 5'r bet on the series. Just tell me who you want and I will take the other team. This will give me a reason to watch, since my bucco's will never be in the WS again........
  10. cookie_1978

    New to me ride

    Just picked up my new ride - 32k miles - Car is black on black - Really sweet. Hopefully the all wheel will help with the winters in Pittsburgh.
  11. cookie_1978

    Stanley Cup Final

    This will give me a reason to watch - Anyone want to be a premium 5'r on the series - I will take whatever team you don't want. First post in this tread gets the bet.
  12. cookie_1978

    Pen's vs. Lighting

    Playoff's start on Wednesday. I will take the first response in this thread for a series bet (premium 5'r) against my Pen's. I am hoping Sid the Kid makes it back for the playoff's, but at this point, no indication. LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!
  13. cookie_1978

    TV/Audio question

    I would like to buy the following, assuming it is made: Blu-ray player with wifi and cable card. I would use the player for streaming video from Netflix, and I would use the cable card to eliminate the cable box I currently have. I have FIOS, and am currently using a cable card in another tv...
  14. cookie_1978

    Championship Weekend

    I like Chicago on the ML to win outright - I like the under in that game as well I like Pgh minus the points and the under in that game as well. I really think GB is getting over-hyped - I think Chicago's defense will knock out AR and I think Chicago will win in a close, low scoring game...
  15. cookie_1978

    Steeler's vs. Jet's wager

    I will take the first response in this thread. I will take Pittsburgh - 3.
  16. cookie_1978

    Divisional Weekend - NFL

    I like Pgh, GB, Chicago and NE. I think the week off really helps at this point in the season. The only visiting team I like is GB - I just think they are playing great - I really like Rodgers.
  17. cookie_1978

    New Year's Day - Bowl Games

    I always get together with the guys to smoke, gamble and watch the games on NY Day. Anyone have any hot picks. I really like Oklahoma over UCONN - It almost looks too easy - kiss of death for us gamblers. I also like the Wisconsin game over the total. Anyone have a service that is worth a...
  18. cookie_1978

    World Series - Bet

    How about a bet on the WS. I will take whatever team you don't want. Premium 5'r on the series. First reply gets the bet. Let me know how you have so I know who to root against.
  19. cookie_1978

    Any Canadian fans want to bet against my Pens?

    Anyone want to wager on the Pens vs. Canadians series? First response gets the premium 5'r bet. LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. cookie_1978

    Bet on the World Series

    Anyone want to bet a premium 5'r on the series. I hate Philly, so I would take the NYY. If you want the bet, just post in the thread. Let's go Yanks............