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  1. chado

    Some New Fake Arrivals!

    Just checked my box from May 09 - they have all the dots on them.
  2. chado

    Some New Fake Arrivals!

    Very interesting. I have a box of May 09s that I will need to check in the morning, I will post my findings. I have no doubt of their authenticity I am now curious if there has been a band change as well. Glad to hear that the vendor is making good on this, but sorry you had to go through it.
  3. chado

    New Member of the Family

    looks great!
  4. chado

    Chado Is An A-Hole

    LMAO! Chris - honestly, it was my pleasure - you went out of your way to hook me up - it was the least I could do. Your donation to the troops in my name is incredibly generous and a great gift ! You are a class act, my friend!
  5. chado

    Casa Fuente Orange Band

    Never had a draw problem either. I would consider keeping the temp under 70 degrees and the humidity between 65% - 68%
  6. chado

    Tatuaje Black Tubos

    Fortunately, I haven't experienced the paint thinner taste!
  7. chado

    Man, I love Eagle Rare 17!

    Man, I love Eagle Rare 17!
  8. chado

    Casa Fuente's

    These are great cigars. I would much rather smoke one of these than a fresh Opus! I would be interested in participating in the box split if there is room. BTW, MKR160 - which size did you end up smoking?
  9. chado

    Johnny-O! Pricing & Sizes

    Would love to see the Marevas again!
  10. chado

    What beer did you drink today?

    Stella! My Friday favorite ( as well as Turbo Dog!)
  11. chado

    Trinidad T 2009

    Excellent review and pics!!
  12. chado

    Padron Panatela

    Yeah, these are great smokes and not often mentioned or as easily found as many of the other sizes!
  13. chado

    NorCal Mark a Great BOTL!

    I got to Mark first for anything I am looking for. I am also on his site quite frequently to window shop and decide future purchases...LOL
  14. chado

    Padron Serie 1926, No 9

    yeah I love the '26 maduros, I think they are my all time favorite maduro cigars .
  15. chado

    Davidoff Special Selection

    You know - I have only had one and I tend to really enjoy Davis, especially the LEs. All I can remember from smoking it (it was a while ago) was that I thought it was a good cigar - definitely not up to the LE level, but it is also priced rather nice so I think it is good bang for the buck.
  16. chado

    Life has been good

    Great advice on upgrading and great to see that you went bigger. Once that space is in front of you it is amazing the determination you get in filling that bad boy up...LOL I went with the A+ and thought it would be fine. That was less than two years ago. I am starting to get into Tetris...
  17. chado

    Culebra Pr0n!

    Man, what a cool collection - well done!
  18. chado

    Car humidor solutions...

    I think one of the new VWs has that cooling feature - sadly when I heard about it I immediately thought about cigars...LOL
  19. chado

    My Aristocrat Mini has Arrived

    Looks great - enjoy!
  20. chado

    Car humidor solutions...

    I think the otterbox could be a way to go, especially with a humipack in it. However, my concern would be the temperature of having the box sit in a hot car all day.