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  1. ashauler

    Uber rare one of a kind smoke

    Smoked this on Saturday evening. It was my second attempt to smoke one of the first experimental crop from Granja del Perro Enojado, rolled at 11 pulgares fábrica de tabacos. This was 100% Long Red Leaf from the 29 August harvest. Truthfully, it wasn't that bad of a smoke. It was obviously...
  2. ashauler

    My little summer project

    So, I'm one of the read more post less crowd, but a few of you know me from other places. Here's what I've been up to this summer.......started with this in June: Had this about mid-summer: And just completed these over the weekend: I know others here have done this as well, so I'm not...
  3. ashauler

    Can't even mind my own business around here

    without gettin' blindsided. JonDot blew up the mailroom this afternoon with a very powerful selection of smokes, a couple I've only read about, and a couple of my fav's. Many thanks brother, much appreciated!!
  4. ashauler

    Partagas 150 B

    Thanks to the very generous offer from a brother on another board, I had the opportunity to smoke this cigar last evening after a fantastic dinner of grilled pork-chops. It was a beautiful day yesterday and I decided this would be the perfect way to finish it off. The details: Partagas 150 B...