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  1. vortex

    Aganorsa Leaf Stateline Cigar Exclusive Release event

    Stop by if you're in the neighborhood. Near State Line Liquors, too. :) Starts at 4pm this Saturday. Small but comfortable lounge that seats about ten. My only concern is that too many will show up for it but it's a new local lounge. I figured I'd drop by to see how it goes and figured I'd see...
  2. vortex

    Dad's 90th impacted by Cigsid

    Bill bombed us in Tucson last month and my brother (Chris on the right), Dad, and me were at ground zero. Thank you, Bill! At 90, Dad can no longer smoke or drink so Chris and I (and Bill) provided plenty of temptation. :) Every time I get together with Chris we over do it and this was no...
  3. vortex

    Where do I go to get a good cigar in Tuscon?

    I' m here until Monday and would like to treat my brother to a good cigar. There seem to be quite a few cigar shops. What do you recommend?
  4. vortex

    Thoughts, what were you thinking.

    Fortunately, no one was injured. I always wondered if Homeland Security keeps getting false alarms due to crazed lone bombers like you leading to notices of destruction like this post. :) Thank you, Brad! You made my day.
  5. vortex

    Cigar/car maintenance

    I saw this and thought hmm, why not.
  6. vortex

    New experiment

    Query: How will a cab of illusione Fuma D'Amour Lagunas survive being frozen to single digit temps for four days affect it? It went "out for delivery" twice with immediate "rescheduled for extreme weather" two days in a row. Now they are sitting, frozen, until a third attempt tomorrow. I figure...
  7. vortex

    Pepin Legend

    I went through many boxes of these but the last one(3 yrs ago) was not very good, IMHO. Has anyone tried the recent vintage of these? I know among us common sewers this is unlikely but, hey, if you don't ask ...
  8. vortex

    I bet they're great but ...

    $40 bucks a cigar! I guess it must be nice? Still, we'd all love to try one.
  9. vortex

    A fictional lawyer just blew out my mailbox

    Thank you for the destruction! My guess is that Eddie Barzoon is the alias of one Zeeman?
  10. vortex

    AAARG! BOTS!?!

    They found us big-time. Maybe a change to the user naming rules would slow them down a bit. They love mixing caps and lower case. Rod, can you limit upper case name characters? Just a thought. Also, limit number of characters?
  11. vortex

    Tobacco from the future!

    I wondered what you guys thought about this review from Tobacco Reviews on Christmas Cheer 2017. Just a typo/mistake or SOP? " This is my first experience with Christmas Cheer and obviously to compare with former editions is not possible.First aboard it´s a blend from the future,packed at july...
  12. vortex


    I loved this video being an admirer of the female form. But I also thought it was just a great music video.
  13. vortex

    Suggestions for a birthday present for Chloe

    My granddaughter turns 8yo this September! The age of reason? Any suggestions for a modern 8yo girl. I'm a bit at sea on this one. Maybe a book? But which one? Please help! :)
  14. vortex

    Are any of you people being sprayed?

    According to the local rag we're being sprayed with pyriproxifen. A growth inhibiting larvacide for mosquitos. They spray in the morning and afternoon. When I was young they used to do it at night! :(
  15. vortex

    My oldest daughter has tied the knot!

    We're hoping the old saying about the third one is true. Beautiful wedding and with relatives coming from all over. Great to see everyone in one place. Everyone had a great time. the part where we were all sworn to help the marriage sustain the inevitable trials to come was nice. Pics are to...
  16. vortex

    A noble man died

    Ali was one of my personal heros. He died last Friday. Just a regular guy in many ways but a man of destiny and distinction, too. He showed us all true courage, the courage of your conviction. And was damn entertaining, in and out of the ring. I will never forget the Frazier vs Ali fight. Brutal...
  17. vortex

    I'm Moving! Holt Cr$p!!

    I've been at my present address for 15 yrs, a new personal record for stability. But life goes on and me, too. No more smoking room. :( I knew it was a luxury and now one I can no longer afford. But my new digs are quite nice A wooded area near a creek with plenty of nice outdoor smoking area...
  18. vortex

    Fanny Flambeau review by Big Clive

    I've been a fan of Clive's electronic hijinks and this was a departure from his usual vids where he dissects and critiques odd eBay and "Poundstore" devices. The look on his face is just precious and the device bizarre, to say the least. So I thought you peeps might enjoy it. ;)
  19. vortex

    Does anyone know what happened to Dan?

    Mr_Wolf had a birthday recently and I sent him a PM that wen unanswered. Did I miss something?