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  1. jmG

    My placebo effect

    This is great. Awesome thread. Everything tastes like chicken.
  2. jmG

    Game of Thrones Thread (Spoilers Included)

    Ayra getting stabbed was seen a mile away, although initially, I had hopes that she would somehow put up a good fight and kill the other one. I guess it IS a good way, plot wise, to get the assassins out of her hair. And is it just me or does there always seem to be a couple of episodes every...
  3. jmG

    What would age more gracefully?

    Way after the fact, but I have to recant what I stated about the LFD dbl ligero. 1st, I was mistaken about the year on the box I had. It's actually 2006 dbl ligeros. 2nd, just smoked one, and it's still a pepper bomb. The last time I had one on a clean palate was about 3 years ago and somehow...
  4. jmG

    I built a cigar lounge in my house. Check out the pics

    Very nice. Hope to do something similar in the future.
  5. jmG

    Hirochi Robaina

    Had one from a sampler. I'm not a big flavor describer guy, but I remember it being very very smooth, considering it only rested for 30 days. A rich chewy smoke with notes of pepper drifting in and out and an undertone of wood. Med to Med-Full. I could tell that it has a lot of potential to...
  6. jmG

    Thank You Bill - Hoyo De Monterrey 1994

    Great review. I haven't had many of those mind blowing cigar moments, but when I do, they truly are memorable. You look like you could use some sugar by the end of the video lol.
  7. jmG

    Johnny O aging and profile

    Thnx everyone. The initial lack of responses had me thinking that I had maybe posted/asked something that I shouldn't. I guess the overall thought is that they age well. Won't try to compare to a marca. And I didn't contact John directly because I know he's a busy man. Thanks guys.
  8. jmG

    Johnny O aging and profile

    Thank you for responding. I was beginning to think that I had struck a wrong chord with the community.
  9. jmG

    Johnny O aging and profile

    Nobody? crickets....... I've read most of Kingantz's reviews and the replies, but that's one person's reviews and tidbits of information in the replies.
  10. jmG

    glad i could help. lay down the mb3s for at least 6 months and they'll turn wonderfully.

    glad i could help. lay down the mb3s for at least 6 months and they'll turn wonderfully.
  11. jmG

    Today's Smoke 2016

    LFdC Grandiosos while catching up on GoT then moved onto an H. Upmann Connie 1 while catching up on FTWD awesome night in Vietnam
  12. jmG

    Game of Thrones Thread (Spoilers Included)

    May I join the party? I held off reading this thread until I got caught up. Loving this season so far and thinking it was better than last. Daenerys is hot as usual and seems like she gained some hips. Did not see that coming, what she did with the khals. And she's like a phoenix. Keeps...
  13. jmG

    Johnny-O! Baby Salomones MAY08 (3rd Review)

    Thanks for the great review!
  14. jmG

    Today's Smoke 2016

    Holts has 20 pack samplers of the MB3 for $60 every once in a while. They have it up right now Seems like they put them up about once a month or so. Great value for $3 per cigar. Cream and chocolate that...
  15. jmG

    Johnny O aging and profile

    So, obviously I'm a newb here, but I can see that John has a lot of support in this community. I like his cigars and think that they are really good for the price point. Just wanted to ask for some information/thoughts on his cigars. For some background, I purchased a sampler along with a...
  16. jmG

    Today's Smoke 2016

    Johnny O Short from Aug 2013 - light and creamy throughout.
  17. jmG

    Today's Smoke 2016

    yea. iirc, even j. drew said 2 years max. so sad, as the T52 was my "wow!" moment cigar during my 1st year of smoking. now that i've expanded so much and found better cigars for the price, I'll probably never seek them out again. oh well.
  18. jmG

    A. Fuente Anejo 46

    definitely start turning for the better after 3 years. the first couple of years had me scratching my head on why so many people rave about anejos. then at the 3 year mark it's like a lightbulb turning on.
  19. jmG

    What would age more gracefully?

    +1 on the anejos. dont have opus experience but anejos are really fun to age. havent had any that are over 3 years old but the year by year transition is really interesting to note. 1st yr is "meh", 2nd yr is "hmmmm, interesting" 3rd yr is "ok, i get why everyone likes anejos", now im waiting...