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  1. ashauler

    Happy birthday Modo22!

    Happy B-Day!!
  2. ashauler

    Cigar box clock

    I have one in my basement smoking room. It was made by some cat from Connecticut. I think it cost me a 5'er of cigars.
  3. ashauler

    Recent AVO LE Rebranding Fiasco?????

  4. ashauler

    Happy birthday Devil Doc

    Happy belated bday Doc!
  5. ashauler

    Happy birthday CigarSarge

    Heya Ken.....happy B-day!
  6. ashauler

    Pics of your Sticks!

    WLT has a good forum with lots of resources for the beginner. Most of the long-time members are very helpful and knowledgeable. You can get seeds and learn to grow and ferment your own tobacco if you want. Be careful though, the growing part is fairly's what comes after that can...
  7. ashauler

    What states are represented here?

    Get my mail when it goes by please.
  8. ashauler

    Lost my best friend today

    I'm very sorry for your loss. Amen.
  9. ashauler

    Good Dog Henry crossed The Bridge . . . .

    I'm very sorry to hear this. It's never easy to lose a friend....especially one that loves you no matter what. Still think of my little buddy every day and I'll just bet Stan is showing Henry all the coolest places to wait for you at the bridge!!
  10. ashauler

    Happy Birthday cigarsarge

    Hope you had a great day my friend!!
  11. ashauler

    My dog died in last night

    I'm so sorry for your loss. 2-12-17 will mark 1 year since Stan went to the bridge. He was almost 17.
  12. ashauler

    Hailey's Tale!

    Damn sorry to hear, never an easy thing! RIP Hailey. Amen!! Stan even has his Christmas garb on!!
  13. ashauler

    Our Bassett Hound

    Thoughts and prayers your way. R.I.P. Santana.
  14. ashauler

    In recognition of my 10,000 post

    Where's the chocolate? ;)
  15. ashauler

    Any veggie gardeners?

    The largest part of my garden is underwater. I need to be mounding the potato's, but haven't had enough clear days to dry the soil enough to till. They're gonna shoot up and kill my yield if this keeps up.
  16. ashauler

    Any veggie gardeners?

    Yep, grow a garden every year. Potatos - Tomatoes - Sweet and hot peppers - Beans - Okra - Carrots - Sweet Corn Everything is in the ground now. Didn't have a opportunity to start the tobacco this year, too busy with work, but I have plenty in storage to work with.
  17. ashauler

    Happy Birthday, NullSmurf

    Hope you had a great one!!
  18. ashauler

    Happy Birthday, Jamie (ashauler)

    Thanks all. Now for a week of vacation to recover!