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  1. theebug

    Cigar Lounges in Seattle

    BOTL, I will be in Seattle for a short time on business this week and was hoping to find a cigar lounge. The temperatures will be in the 30's at night so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am staying closer to downtown so Smokey Joe's would be too far. Went there a few years ago...
  2. theebug

    Cigar Bar in Seattle - any suggestions?

    BOTL, I am traveling to Seattle on Sunday (3/23) and would like to find a nice Cigar bar or even a place that has heaters outside. I will be staying by Alaskan way but willing to travel. Any suggestions?   I looked up a few places on the web but they seemed to be mostly Hookah Bars.   Any and...
  3. theebug

    Sarome lighter customer service - can anyone help?

    BOTL,   Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is ready to start the New Year with renewed vigor. My first cigar of the year was a Between the Lines on my back deck with a nice E.H Taylor Single Barrel.   Anyway..... Last week my Japanese Sarome...
  4. theebug

    Plume or Mold - the universal question?

    BOTL,   I just opened a box of Bolivar's and was very surprised. Almost all of them were dotted with a white puffy substance. They have always been in a box in my humidor. The humidor is very large (size of a clock tower) and no other cigars have even a hint of plume/mold. It is all white but...
  5. theebug

    Searching for a good table lighter

    BOTL, I am in search of opinions and where better to get them then here. i have found that my regular lighters (and I have 10+) do not hold enough fuel for a good night of herfing. Therefore, I am in search of a table lighter. I have looked at the Xikar ones (my current favorite brand) as well...
  6. theebug

    Who's Going to Famous Cigarnival this Weekend?

    BOTL, I have gotten so much advice from many of you over the years, it would be nice to meet some of you in real life. Is anyone going to the Famous International Cigarnival this weekend? A bunch of guys from cigar club in Fairfield are going. It is my first year but I hear it is great time.
  7. theebug

    Cigar Friendly in Manhatten (NYC) - Outside: Suggestions

    BOTL, As a denizen of NYC, I am very familiar with the indoor, cigar friendly establishments that serve food (Merchants, Club Macanudo etc.). But now that the weather is nicer I am looking for suggestions of places that server food and allow smoking outside. All help and advice is greatly...
  8. theebug

    Skull and Bones by Viaje - Holy Cr@p they are good!

    I had given a buddy a LFD Small Batch a few weeks ago (still hasn't smoked it, the hoarder). In return, he gave me a Skull and Bones Robusto. WOW! A really strong stick but with great flavor. Reminded me of a Air Bender Maduro but with a little more coffee flavor. Was not happy at the price...
  9. theebug

    Stacking cigars in a Large humidor

    BOTL, I have a very large humidor. that I used to consolidate my multiple humidor/coolidors/wife's china cabinet into. The best part was it was her idea. Anyway, I have been mostly laying the cigars out on the...
  10. theebug

    Flights to Cuba from Miami

    BOTL, As a Dual citizen (Irish and US), I was considering flying from Miami to Cuba. Out of curiosity, I was looking for listing on flights and none came up. In fact, it was as though they were being blocked by my service provider. Maybe it was my ignorance in searching but: 1) Has anyone else...
  11. theebug

    Looking for Advice: Gift for a golf trip

    BOTL, For the last 13 years, I have run a golf trip to Florida every April. Every year I come up with a new gift to put the trip logo on and this year I am stumped. The budget is $50 I have done: Hats, Shirts, Balls, Cooler bags, sweater vests, fleece, divot tools etc. I turn to you for help...
  12. theebug

    ? LFD Air Bender Maduro Guerrero Cigars - Anyone tried these?

    BOTL, I am considering pulling the triggers on these partially because I love most of the LFD line (Small Batch, Chisel etc.) and partially because the Little Smoke house it comes in is REALLY COOL Looking. Not the best reason to buy a box of cigars, but I have wasted more money for stupider...
  13. theebug

    Recommendation Request: Best outdoor bar in New Orleans to enjoy a cig

    My Fellow BOTL, I will be in the Big Easy this week and was looking for some local knowledge. I understand you can still smoke in bars but not all of them are Cigar Friendly. I did some searching on the site but did not find a recent recommendation. I saw the New Orleans Cigar factory and...
  14. theebug

    Bolivar Belicoso Label question

    BOTL, I have a label question. I have seen Bolivar Belicoso labels with the word "Habana" under guy on the label (forgive my ignorance) and I have seen labels with "Habana" and the "Cuba" underneath as well. Which is real, which is fake or are they both real? any help would or clarification...
  15. theebug

    How many Dots on a Partagas No. 5?

    Learned scholars, I was reading the recent thread about a potential batch of fake Partagas D No.4. One of the ways that they were identified as fakes is that they did not have the right number of dots (periods). Well I checked my number 4's and they all had 3 dots but it got me thinking. How...
  16. theebug

    Favorite Limoncello Recipe

    I have discovered a very large bottle of Kettle One that deserves to be turned into Limoncello and was hoping to see some of your favorite recipes. Any suggestions?
  17. theebug

    Homemade Battery Powered Cirulation device

    Gentlemen, I am looking for an example or plans to build a battery powered circulation system for my coolidor. I know I can use an Oust fan, but they are bulky and fragile when disassembled. I have found kits on the 'Net to build the switch part and was considering using a computer fan...
  18. theebug

    Coolidor Question?

    After way too many nights on Cigar Bid, JR Auctions and Cigar Auctioneer I have quickly outgrown my 70 Quart coolidor. The primary reason for the overflow is the boxes are odd sizes. I am considering taking the cigars out of the boxes and creating bundles. Most if not all are in celo or tubes...
  19. theebug

    Vintage Lighter Repair

    A few years ago my wife bought me a vintage Table lighter by Parker House of London. It is really beautiful and looks like it works on batteries but it does not work. Does anyone know of someone who fixes vintage lighters?
  20. theebug

    Uptown is one of the best

    I am leaving for a ski trip in Utah tomorrow and I was Jonesing for some LFD. In addition, I have found that jet lighters do not work very well in the thin air so I wanted a nice flint lighter. As always Uptown hooked me up. I placed the order yesterday at 4 PM and what arrives today at 11 am...