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    Fun Game

    100% free and world wide. Check it out: SJ
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    Another Tic Tic Tic ..............

    Got another target, locked and loaded Lauch is in 2 hours........ Bwahahahahahahaaaaa Jim
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    Launching one, maybe two in morning.....

    hehehe :whistling: Jim
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    Need music download site...

    Is there anything along the lines of win mx? Free P2P type stuff? Thanks, Jim
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    Staples DVD -R, +R 50 packs.....

    Under $8 and free shipping to your door...... DVD +R Item: 590792 Dicound code: 91574 DVD -R Item: 59079 Discount code: 88176 If you want more than one you have to do seperate orders, no biggie, free shipping. I already got me 100 delivered today. Jim
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    I'm back.............

    I've been away, mostly due to my brother having 3 tumors in his brain, without to many details, let me say this is no way to go, thank God he is still with us but man it is sad. Anyway I'm back, glad your all still here! What I miss? LOL Jim
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    Brother is Dying

    Some of you know, some dont, but my brother is dying, he has 3 brain tumors and all the docs can do is radiate them to keep him alive a lil longer, I have been dealing with this for a bit now and I got to thinking how we all need to stop and give thanks for our health and such!! Jim
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    Dam I'm hit!

    Yep I've been pickin bits of grass and wood from my face all day, seeems I've been victomized by a bomb!~ No ordinary bomb, a dam nice selection of smokes, I mean nice...... As soon as my face gets pick clear of shrapnal, the wife will do my ass, cause I got it from both ends while trying to...
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    I've been hit in a conspiracy...........

    I got a bomb with some nice smokes, the thing is they were in a half of a Priority mail box. Seems the post office decided to tear away part of the box so now I cant tell who sent it. CONSPIRACY!!!!! Whoever it was, thank you and your time will come. Jim
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    2 more Tics

    hehehehe Mmmmm Newwwwbieeeesss............ Jim
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    Tic Tic Tic..........

    I got two heading out in the morning................ hehehe Jim
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    Another Bomb

    Tick tick tick........................ Jim
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    Missing Posts

    I posted some P/T on a thread and it dissappeared. Others said they noticed as well. Are we having problems? Jim
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    Anyone heard of these guys?

    CHeck these guys out, 2 shows. I'd like to know more about them, go see them. Jim
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    Bombs Away......

    Filled out his profile............ tick tick tick...... Jim
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    FREE 2005 Monty CAL.

    Go here: Jim
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    Sent me some PAMs just because. What a generous BOTL he is!!! Thanks bro. Jim
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    Attention Newbies!

    Fill out your profile, to include your addy and name. If this aint done I aint got nothing to do with ya. If ya do this though, you might find that some Fog send a mailing. Also this lets us or at least me, ensure you aint one of the F'in scumbags that keep reregistering with new handles...
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    Cigar bands

    I can use them, if ya dont mind. PM me if you have any for me. Thanks, Jim
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    To Flame or Not?

    A guy on another board who was/is in a group buy thing has paid first month, nothing for rest, I sent PM's and he aint replied yet even though he has posted. So I am taking it as a blow off. My question is should I flame him or not. I like PM's but since they dont work...........? Jim