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  1. MrMaduro

    Anyone make their own charcoal

    I reciently fabricated a kiln to make my own charcoal. I baked a 55 gal. drum of apple wood, which turned out almost half a barrel of charcoal. This lump charcoal lights easier, burns hotter, and more even than store bought. The process is relatively easy. here are a few pics.
  2. MrMaduro


    Duplicate post. Move along nothing to see here!!!!! LOL
  3. MrMaduro

    Thanks Cozy!

    I sent Craig some tobacco seeds so he could try his hand at growing his own tobacco. In return he sent me 6 nice smokes, (some of which are from a well known island). Thanks again Craig. I wish you luck Brother!!!
  4. MrMaduro

    I'll be AWOL

    I've got to make an emergency trip to Florida. I won't have any internet access until I get back next Thurs. the 5th. Talk to you all later. Brian,
  5. MrMaduro

    Raising your own tobacco.

    Here is some info for those who want to grow their own tobacco. 1. Start your seeds indoors or in a green house 6-8 weeks before the last frost in your region. I use float trays, which are compartmentalized styrofoam trays that float in a bed of water. You can also use the seed starter trays...
  6. MrMaduro

    I'm back amongst the living

    Well they finally got my internet back on line. I live way out in the country and there is only 1 provider with a local phone number. So they've got me by the balls. I've been going crazy not being able to communicate with people who enjoy a good smoke. Did anyone miss me???? :whistling: LOL!!!
  7. MrMaduro

    Who wants to raise tobacco?

    It's that time of year. I'm making a list of who wants cigar tobacco seeds. If you want to raise your own tobacco let me know.
  8. MrMaduro

    Yeahthatsme got me good!

    Joe, hit me with a couple Opus and sent along three tag alongs. Thanks Joe I'll post a review in a few days. Brian,
  9. MrMaduro

    Anyone ever see wild tobacco?

    My wife, son and I were walking on the farm this afternoon and I saw this wild tobacco plant, I thought you folks would like to see it.
  10. MrMaduro

    Their Mods. quit

    I just read that all or most of the Mods. at club stogie just quit. I don't have a link but there's one on outcast.
  11. MrMaduro

    Jesse James Dupree & Dixie Ink

    I just heard the new song from Jesse James Dupree & Dixie Ink. Really kicks a$$. I hope this isn't the end of Jackyl. Anyone else heard this one.?
  12. MrMaduro

    my new name

    I reciently asked Rod for permission to change my nickname. This was the first cigar forum I joined and having zero past experience with forums I wasn't able to come up with a catchy nickname, so I just used my first name and initial. My screen name is now MrMaduro. Thanks, Brian H.
  13. MrMaduro

    Tobacco Angel

    I just noticed that my new avatar makes me look like I have angel wings. Just call me MrMaduro "The Arc Angel of the Tobacco Patch." LOL!!!!!
  14. MrMaduro

    Great Trade

    I did a trade with Craig (lucasbuck). A pipe rack and humidor for some cigars. I was telling him that I have been laid off from work for 3 1/2 months. This is what kind of brother we have here on C Pass. He sent a really generous selection of quality smokes for the trade. If that wasn't enough...
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    These have Gotta Go!!!!!!!
  16. MrMaduro

    Who needs a new toy?

    If you need a new humidor for your pipe tobacco with built in pipe holder. Go to buy/sell/trade.
  17. MrMaduro

    Updated Pics of the Crop!

    Here are some updated pics. This first one is of a partial section of 2 rows. (approx 1/3) Each row has 45 plants. This plant is around 14 inches tall. I'll update with more pics in a couple weeks.
  18. MrMaduro

    Finally some pics

    This is 1 of the float trays there are six in all A close up of one of the plants, it's almost 5 inches tall. I will probably plant them next week.
  19. MrMaduro

    Anyone started their seeds yet?

    To those who recieved seeds has anyone started yet? let's see some pics. I'll post pics of mine later this week they're mostly germinated and looking good.
  20. MrMaduro

    Has anyone started yet?

    Has anyone the warmer climates started they're tobacco seeds yet? If so let us know maybe some pics if you would be so kind.