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  1. Cparker

    iTune encrypted backup

    Long story short, I busted my iPhone. The Apple store near my office had a same day appointment. Since my MacBook was at home (45 miles away) I loaded iTune on my work computer to backup my iPhone before taking it in. I don't like or use iCloud. iTunes shows the backup. During the process, I...
  2. Cparker

    Rocky Mountain Cigar Fest 2018

    Anyone going? Will be my first.
  3. Cparker

    Zero Turn Mowers

    Seeking the experience or advice of the good folks of CP. I bought my first zero turn mower in '16. Well, experience is what you get when you don't get what you want. It was a lemon, but resolved with the manufacturer and distributor, so they did stand behind it. I don't want to mention the...
  4. Cparker

    Dunhill Signed Range Churchill 2014

    I picked up a Dunhill Signed Range Churchill at a local brick & mortar store. The price was $15.60. I was interested in this cigar because I have recently smoked the Davidoff Nicaragua Diadema and it is one of my current favorites. Now, these cigars are expensive (to me) and are not an everyday...
  5. Cparker

    Bourbon Run to KY

    Some years back I would be in the Lexington area for personal reasons in the fall and stop at a local shop to stock up on bourbon. With the current run on bourbons and the lack of stock in the Atlanta area, I was checking to see if its worth a drive to Ky. I know most distiller start to bottle...
  6. Cparker

    Scotland votes No. Surprised ?

    I have to say I am a bit surprised by the no vote. But I was also mistaken when I though Quebec would vote to leave Canada.
  7. Cparker

    Thank you to Rod

    Rod,   I wanted to post my thanks and appreciation for CigarPass. While not the most active of posters, I have enjoyed this sight for ten years. A lot has changes since Sept. 7, 2004, but the integrity and community I found then has not. So my sincere thanks to you for maintaining this sight.  ...
  8. Cparker

    The Decade Contest

    Well, as of today, I have had the pleasure of being a party of the CigarPass community for a decade. Wow, it amazing what has changed, and the name of posters that have come and gone.    First, I want to thank Rod for sponsoring this community. When I found CigarPass some ten years ago, there...
  9. Cparker

    Dallas / Fort Worth

    So after contracting for two years, the company I have been contracting with made me an offer. While the offer is ok, there are issue not worth detailing. Best to say that I do not see this offer as a long term based on corporate volatility.   I interviewed with and received an offer with a...
  10. Cparker

    Godzilla Contest

    I attended a Gurka event, and got a nice deal on some cigars. As part of the deal, I was gifted some Gurka Ghost Robustos. So, here's a contest for a Gurka Ghost Fiver, and some other stuff to be known to the winner.     I saw the current Godzilla movie yesterday. However, Godzilla was a part of...
  11. Cparker

    Converting Compact Disks to audio files

    Ok. I have a small stereo that I have decided  to upgrade (NAD receiver, PSB speakers, Sony CD player). Its about 18 years old. I have about 400 CDs, and have decided that the smart thing to do (arguably) is to convert the CD's to audio files so I have a ready test bed of music that I enjoy to...
  12. Cparker

    USS Zumwalt

    Man, grey and underway, almost makes me want to re-enlist. Nice to see some new boats afloat.
  13. Cparker

    Skeet shooting advice

    A local gunshop is sponsoring a charity skeet tournament Mar. 21. Some guys and I at my local B&M are thinking of going. My problem is that I have not shot skeet in about 30 years. I believe it will be fun, and may develop into a nice way to get some fresh air on a Saturday. Problem is I need to...
  14. Cparker

    Opinions on pre-fabricated buidlings

    I am at a point where renting is growing weary, but am not inclined to jump into the traditional mortgage swim.   I have found a decent lot that is affordable, and would like to possible build a simple, comfortable, and affordable abode.   I have researched homes made from shipping containers...
  15. Cparker

    Trick or Treat Bag

    I did the JR Trick or Treat a few years ago. One year was a pretty fair bag, the next not so much. Then skipped a couple of years. For some reason, it crossed my mind again, so I gave it a shot. . They have two packages, one for $29 and one for $49. I opted for the $49 and received today. And I...
  16. Cparker

    Camouflage does not work

    Ok, so I try to read mostly, post a little, maybe to comment where I think I have something to add worth the bandwidth....sorta camouflaged in the background....low post count, limited personal info, and then BOOM. I am hit with a stellar selection of smokes out of nowhere. Completely by...
  17. Cparker

    Tatuaje Motorcycle drawing

    I know the various view of Pete's limited editions cigars, but lets face it, the man can market his product and the number of posts about it illustrates his success. He could have just cancelled the tickets, the publicity it was designed to generate being accomplished. While I know some will say...
  18. Cparker

    Denver Home Inspector

    My wife found a house in metro Denver in anticipation of our move. I need to get an home inspector as its a short sale. In metro ATL, I have worked with an inspector for years who I respected. I like my realtor, but not sure his recommendations cut the mustard. And Denver BOTL have a a...
  19. Cparker

    Atlanta B&M Closing

    I frequent a small B&M near my office at lunch. Nice place to have a mid-day smoke. Stopped by today and learned he is closing on Friday, July 31. Business has been slow, and his landlord is doing nothing to work with him, so he is shutting his shop down. He is offering buy 3 get one free...
  20. Cparker

    Hotlanta Fahreheit Lottery

    Ok, so summer is here and Hotlanta is living up to its name, so seem like a good reason for a contest. I am giving away five five packs, and will ship on Monday, June 29th so the winners have some nice smokes for the 4th of July. Cigars may include Commacho Liberty '08, DP My Father, Illusione...