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    Viejo paso de los miembros

    Honored to be invited. Just had to come out of cigar semi-retirement for this one. Looking forward to it.
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    Hey Eveyone, it's been awhile

    I'm not selling everything, just some stuff, lowering the inventory. I still have some really special stuff stashed away. For example I had a nice Robaina from '97 for my wedding anniversary about a week ago. That was worth it. But honestly, if I'm only smoking a few cigars a month, I have...
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    Hey Eveyone, it's been awhile

    LOL. As for the second part, let's just say I'll deal with congestion for the Trini Robusto Extra, LOL.
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    Hey Eveyone, it's been awhile

    I haven't been posting lately but I have been reading. The reason I haven't posted much is because I have cut down on my cigar intake. Lately whenever I have a cigar I end up being congested for the next two days and getting sinus headaches. I've always had sinus problems and honestly the...
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    Good B&M in Orlando?

    If you're gonna go to Corona, make sure you eat at Roy's. Same parking lot. You won't regret it.
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    Mohegan Sun

    Hey Bill what's that bar where we've met up and had smokes?
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    Padron Quote

    This is blatantly incorrect. The cuban government NEVER tried to kill Padron. The bombings in Miami weren't carried out by the Cuban government. They were carried out by Cubans in Miami that were upset that Padron went to Cuba. This is an excerpt from an interview on CA:
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    Davidoff 4000 ISOM

    Great post George. I had water with my Davidoff a while back because I didn't want to influence the taste at all. I wanted to experience it and only it. It's a shame that we will someday run out of chances to have these. Mine was a Chateau Latour gifted to me by a great BOTL here. I had...
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    Check out: Here here2 There's a few more if you want to search for them.
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    H. Upmann Red or Brown Bands

    Sorry for being blind and not reading the first line in your post. I get a 0 for reading comprehension today. I'll check MRN when I get home unless someone beats me to it.
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    H. Upmann Red or Brown Bands

    What cigars were they? According to MRN there are different sizes with different color bands.
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    Interesting Football Trivia!

    Speaking of Don Shula... Who was his quarterback when he broke the record for most wins by a coach? The immortal Doug Pederson. Shula coached Unitas, Griese, and Marino, yet Pederson QB'd the record breaking game.
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    Proper Fauxiba Etiquette

    I think you're on the right track already. I would think it would depend on who the person is. If someone I consider friend gave me a Fake Cuban I would tell them, so that they don't get ripped off later. If it's just an acquaintance, then no, I'd probably just say thank you. Obviously how...
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    To all my Italian BOTL

    The former principal at our school was Italian. Every year for St'Jospeh's we would have a St.Joseph's Table for the Faculty and Staff. He would have it catered and sometimes make things himself. It was awesome.
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    Go get'em. I hope you kick their ass with this.
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    Welcome Back Bill.

    I didn't realize I needed an invitation to participate in a thread on a forum I've been a part of for almost THREE YEARS. I'm sorry that my contribution to this thread wasn't as important as your eyerolling. I guess you just proved my point that just because you make an apology it doesn't...
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    Welcome Back Bill.

    glad you got that out of your system. We are all better now for knowing you and having read that.
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    Welcome Back Bill.

    Remember when people talked about cigars on CIGAR pass. I know that may have been awhile ago and I understand some people are too busy typing to actually understand people talk about interesting things here. But I promise, there was a time when cigars were the main topic of conversation. The...
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    Welcome Back Bill.

    Damn you beat me to it. I remember that. He was just a young'n back then.
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    Name my Wife's Dog Contest

    be careful, last time we talked about those types of dog rockets we got shut down.