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    Humidty levels

    Ok guys, I know we've been covering this topic, and going back and forth on it as well. Thoughts vary on what your use is, do you keep it @ 65- 68%, or @ around 70% etc... here's a wrinkle. We all know how it is to get smokes in the mail, somtimes if they're coming from a business, it may...
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    Trade Protocol for newbies ?

    Ok guys, here's a newbie question. what do you do if someone asks you to do a blind trade, you send yours, check the DC and it's been delivered, but you don't hear anything back. You send a couple of emails, and still no response? Sound off guys, and let me know. thanks John
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    Happy Holidays from Arkansas. Newbie all the way around, cigars, and here. Looks like a great place to be, have a fair collection so far. Fuentes, CAO,Padrons, Montecristo or two, and Onyx reserves. I seem to be heading down the maduro path alot. Then the oddball flavor shows up. hope to hear...