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  1. stepthirteen

    Having Surgery on September 15

    So I have had awful heartburn problems for years and I am having a surgery done known as- Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication Procedure to Correct Acid Reflux (GERD) A description is linked here- Heartburn Surgery I have already had the Esophageal Manometry and PH tests. The PH test showed...
  2. stepthirteen

    Are You Serious!

    So as some of you know I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Cinci and I want to publicly thank everyone who met with me for a smoke! A very special thank you to Floyd (SKYDIVNEKD) for rolling out the red carpet for me during my stay!! I am simply amazed at the kindness and generoisty that...
  3. stepthirteen

    Stepthirteen in Cinci July 11-14

    So I am apparently going to be in Cinci July 11-14. I will have most evenings available, so if anyone whats to get together shoot me a PM. Also if anyone is aware of any good places to smoke please let me know :). Jim
  4. stepthirteen

    H. Upmann Super Corona

    As most of you can see I am making an effort to log some reviews on cigars. I think it is a valuable tool for others in the community and will help them decide whether they would like to give the cigar a try or not. I am by no means a cigar master, but I do have an opportunity to review some...
  5. stepthirteen

    Davidoff Broberg

    Today we have a Davidoff Broberg Edition. This cigar was a special release created for a Swedish vendor. I have a couple of Boxes of them and thought it was time to revisit them. Pre-light this cigar is very attractive. The wrapper is light and color and the smell is sweet, but not overpowering...
  6. stepthirteen

    Che Robusto

    Today I decided to break out something special, a 2004 Che Robusto. Every time I open my humidor this gorgeous band looks up at me with a seductive grin, so I was tired of resisting and smoked it. As stated above the band is very attractive and makes the cigar all the more enticing to the...
  7. stepthirteen

    1997 VR Famosos

    I have to start off by saying I am not a big VR fan. Just does not generally blow my hair back. That said here is my review of this 1997 VR Famosos. Prelight I have to say this cigar was boring. The smells from the cigar are nonexistent, though I smoke cigs, so that may be a reason for not...
  8. stepthirteen

    1987 El Rey del Mundo Grandes de España.

    I was gifted a special smoke from a great friend and fellow cigar lover. Recently I smoked a 1987 El Rey del Mundo Grandes de España. Here was my take on this smoke. At first glance this cigar is elegant and precise. It seems sophisticated yet quite rugged. In my mind I compared this to a...
  9. stepthirteen

    1970's Punch Series B

    Today we have a 1970’s Punch Series B gifted to me by a very, very generous BOTL!! In my short time smoking cigars I have to say I have had the opportunity to smoke some amazing cigars below is my thoughts on this rarity. I have not posted many reviews here, so I thought I would post this one...
  10. stepthirteen

    In Boston May 31-June 5

    Hello everyone! I am going to be in Boston May 31-June 5 and was hoping that some of you locals may want to smoke. I should be open most evenings. Get in touch if this is possible for ya :). Jim
  11. stepthirteen

    Better Late Than Never

    So I have been here for two years and would like to have a little contest for the membership. My expereince here has been enjoyable and a blessing. Answer the following questions as best you can and you get a 5er of shit rockets from my stash. The first person to answer them all correctly will...
  12. stepthirteen

    My Fantasy Team

    So here is the team I drafted with the 3rd Pick in the league I have been in for several years. It is a standard yahoo style TD league, though we do offer a bonus for yardage milestones. I welcome any feedback from you sports gurus- Donovan McNabb (Phi - QB) WR Randy Moss (NE - WR) WR...
  13. stepthirteen


    So I am going to be in Vegas for my first WSOP event (event 47 ~ mixed holdem). I arrive in Vegas the 23rd and leave the 27th. If anyone wants to get together at some point during that time let me know and if I am not playing cards maybe we can get together. I am so excited!! Jim
  14. stepthirteen

    Something very Personal and Horrible Happened to markmarksman

    Tonight was a very sad night for Mark and he may not make it through the night. Please pray for him!! He is in ICU. Because of the personal nature of the event and private part of Mark's personality I am not able to share any details, but please offer a prayer or whatever it is you may do...
  15. stepthirteen

    It won't hurt........I promise

    I have been getting destroyed of late, so ~ 0308 1400 0000 2037 42** 0308 1400 0000 2037 43** 0308 1400 0000 2037 43** 0308 1400 0000 2037 43** 0308 1400 0000 2037 43** 0308 1400 0000 2037 43** 0308 1400 0000 2037 43** Jim
  16. stepthirteen

    1998 Cajon of 75's (Trinis)

    Are these smokes (1998 Cajon of 75's ~Trinidad) any good? Has anyone smoked them are they ready to go? thanks for the feedback. I like Funadores, but wondered about these? Jim
  17. stepthirteen

    I have been smashed by the legend

    So I responded to a little ISO for Brad at the Outlaw. He is looking for a stick that I have been blessed with having. I contact him and let him know that he is taken care of and send it his way. Well he sends me a box of stuff in return. When I say box I mean BOX! To say that it was a nice...
  18. stepthirteen

    Got a phenominal.....

    Package from Dios de Fuego today!! All I have to say is thank you and it was completely not expected. Taylor thanks much for the excellent selection of sticks!! I am humbled by your package. Unfortunately for you it has placed on the list of doom :angry:. You will pay sir!! Jim
  19. stepthirteen

    Congrats to Charlie ~ Putz

    I wanted to extend a big congrats to Putz for the new addition to his family. Wishing you health and happiness to your family Charlie!! Jim
  20. stepthirteen

    ISO 70% Beads

    I have spent a bit of cash of late and would like to get about 6lbs :0 of 70% beads for a project. If anyone has some to trade I will make it worth there trouble with a nice selection of sticks. PM if you can help me out. Jim