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  1. sok454

    Buena vistas at a steal!

    Mine are all gone.  Good smokes.
  2. sok454

    Favorite budget stick (#1 in your stash)

    Second those BV coronoas.  Wish I'd bought more from Field Supply when they were 15-20 a box/10.  
  3. sok454

    Fermentation and ammonia

    6 of my Monte 2 cc are in the ind box. And have a 4/14 date.
  4. Newbie Sampler

    Newbie Sampler

  5. sok454

    Fermentation and ammonia

    [sharedmedia=gallery:images:12670]   Here is what I bought
  6. IMG 2433

    IMG 2433

  7. sok454

    Fermentation and ammonia

    Various. I will check Receipt is at work.
  8. sok454

    Fermentation and ammonia

    One would hope that Binnys would have decent stock.
  9. sok454

    Favorite Daily Cuban?

    Well I scored some PSD4's so I hope they are worth the hype!
  10. sok454

    Fermentation and ammonia

    Noticed it today.  I added some new sticks on Friday night.   Funny...but we don't have a cat......
  11. sok454

    Temp and Humidity

    So my homemade humidor has been pretty stable at 67-68% and 64 degrees.   A buddy of mine keeps his at 75% and 68-70 degrees.  Wouldn't that be a bit warm and wet?
  12. sok454

    Next Question: Favorite Lighter

    I ended up going w the Scorch Torch for 8.95.   Working well so far.  If I can manage to not lose it in 6 months I'll upgrade to something nicer.
  13. sok454

    Fermentation and ammonia

    Opened my cabinet today and got hit w smell of ammonia. I assume it's from fermentation Does it eventually go away or anything that can be done?
  14. sok454

    Favorite cutter

    I went w Cuban crafters. Works great. Very heavy. Fool proof.
  15. sok454

    Ambrosia Maple Humidor

    That is beautiful.
  16. sok454

    Today's Smoke 2015

    RoMA Cromag Knuckle Drag.   Definitely [sharedmedia=gallery:images:12669] not a morning smoke for me...   but very good.  
  17. 07/27/15 RoMA Cromag Knuckle Drag

    07/27/15 RoMA Cromag Knuckle Drag

  18. sok454


    Any of you guys hang around the reddit cigar pages?
  19. sok454

    Favorite Daily Cuban?

    Should take a pic of said woman... ask if she'd like to model...
  20. sok454

    Today's Smoke 2015

    CC Monte No. 2 and some Gin. [sharedmedia=gallery:images:12666]