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  1. Feynnehrun


    Alrighty so here's the deal... I just finished an AWESOME book and have started another immediately following. If you can guess the book I just finished you will win yourself a 3 pak of Tatuajes novellas VI. Guessing the Book I just started will net you a couple Padron 64's. Guessing both will...
  2. Feynnehrun

    Leap of Faith

    So...a while back I picked up a cheap Cob and tried a bowl of some "super value" very cherry tobacco. I enjoyed the experience but not more than cigars. I had recently picked up a vector pipe and got to try a bowl of Black cavendish and vanilla cavendish at a pipe tobacco tasting at the local...
  3. Feynnehrun

    First Box split!

    Just finished a "box split" with my roommates lol. Came out of the deal with Some Padron 1926 no35 maduro, Illusione mk, and Tatuaje Nobles. Haven't smoked them yet, hoping for a great experience :D
  4. Feynnehrun

    Cigar in The bottle

    Wasn't sure if this was supposed to go in here or the saloon...kinda covers both realms. It looks absolutely amazing! Has anyone had the pleasure of partaking and what did they think?
  5. Feynnehrun

    Question about some brands

    Alrighty so I already pulled the trigger on 5-er of Johnny-O! Here on the forum...that said, I have never tried these, tats, or illusione and I see them everywhere seeming very popular. I would like to get an official opinion (I know taste is subjective) on what you guys think. Not sure I want...
  6. Feynnehrun

    Yum! Padron 1964!

    So my Birthday is next week and my buddy decided to buy me a Padron 1964. I've been smoking lower end cigars recently since I've started my collection buying from CI. This was the first cigar over $15 that I've smoked and let me say....the experience was incredible. I didn't really know how much...
  7. Feynnehrun

    Reviews for "Vote for my Smoke"

    Earlier I listed 5 smokes in my "vote for my Smoke thread". In about 3 hours I will be smoking the winning cigar and will post my newbie review here :) I'll try to grab pics with my phone and whatnot. I do hope to continue this thread along with the other one :) might provide some insight to the...
  8. Feynnehrun

    Vote for My Smoke!

    Okok first off...I know the list isn't full of super premiums or fact I believe most of these are just from CI sampler packs But as I learn from your reviews and try new things obviously my collection will evolve and so will this topic in the future :) Tonight I will smoke one of...
  9. Feynnehrun

    My Wine-a-dor

    Heya all, Soooo....I've decided to upgrade from my vector desktop, to a wine-a-dor. Got my edgestar 28 coming in the mail. I will definitely post pics when I finish it all up nicely. I am thinking about hitting up chasidor for some trays and such. Until then I will prob just toss a few cedar...
  10. Feynnehrun


    Correcting my nub mistake :) cya all round the forums!!
  11. Feynnehrun

    New to Cigars, and Loving it!

    Hello all, So I'm new to the Cigar world (4 months) and even newer to the Cigar Pass world. Over the past few months I've been to my local cigar shop, attacking the owner relentlessly with questions and asking for advice, which he has been more than happy to give. I've spent my days in his...