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  1. Nashkicker

    The time has come!

    After over 22 years training and 15 years coaching Taekwondo I am happy to say I am finally opening my own school! My wife and I have been toying with the idea on and off for the past few years. We checked out a few perspective locations and never really felt like they were a good fit for one...
  2. Nashkicker

    5 years and still a newb! Comment contest!

    Celebrated my 5 year anniversary here on CigarPass yesterday with some cigars, cider, and food with my best bud Austen (Set-In_Stone). Enjoyed and Tat Black CG, and a Padron Panatella maduro. To give back to the community that has taught me so much I would like to offer an easy contest. All you...
  3. Nashkicker

    Sneeds does it again!

    And I'm hit! Sneeds you sneaky son of a bitch. Saw the carnage from work and 20 minutes from heading home I get a text from the wife."Did you buy cigars? Because there is a package here for you and you don't buy anything else!" I know I was hit before I walked through the door. Thank you very...
  4. Nashkicker

    Tatuaje Monster Series #5 Mummy

    Here is the list of the retailers who will be recieving dress boxes. i am in no way affiliated with any of the listed shps. Cigary Wilmette, IL 847-256-7676 ... Ye Olde Pipe & Tobacco Phoenix, AZ 602-955-7740 Nat Sherman NYC, NY 800-692-4427 Matador Cigars Roslyn Heights, NY 516-626-4966...
  5. Nashkicker

    Michelle Jenneke!

    You can thank me later! ;) Yuuuup! That just happened! :thumbs:
  6. Nashkicker

    Happy birthday #2!(Jonesy)

    Happy birthday brother! Smoke a good one!
  7. Nashkicker

    Proud Instructor!

    I teach an afterschool Taekwondo program at my old middle school in Troy, NY. The program caters to underprivledged kids and gives them a safe place to go for a couple hours after school each day. My class meets once a week for about an hour and a half. for the past 2 weeks they practiced thins...
  8. Nashkicker

    Sit Your Ass Down & HERF Pass Upstate NY

    I just want to reach out to anyone who might not be following the pass thread: If you are within a reasonable distance from Albany NY and want to be a part of this please let me know!
  9. Nashkicker

    Thats not Mold....Its PLOOM!

    Just stopped in to the local B&M to pick up a handfull of Illusione 68's. I visit often to have a smoke but had not purchased anything from them in a while. As soon as I walked into the Humidor I could feel the moisture saoking into my clothes and skin. I spotted the Illusiones right away but...
  10. Nashkicker

    World Taekwondo Federation

    We have some very talented young men and women on this years US Team! Including 2008 Olympic Silver medalist Mark Lopez. I have some very amazed students on my hands this week! Let me know what you guys think or if you have any questions about the scoring...
  11. Nashkicker

    UFC 129

    Overall I thought it was a great card with some very entertaining undercard fights. The new PPV start time of 9pm was perfect. Jose Aldo lumped up Hominick something fierce. I have never seen a nastier lump ,he looked like the Elephant man! luckily for Aldo he built up a nice lead in the early...
  12. Nashkicker

    Gin Help?

    The father of one of my closest students invited my wife and I to his 50th birthday bash. He is a gin drinker and I would like to pick up a nice bottle for him, Maybe something a little off the beaten path in terms of availability. I did a search and it didnt turn up much. Any advice would be...
  13. Nashkicker

    2 years on CP a contest

    God I love this place! This is gonna be an easy one. All you have to do is post in this thread "I'm a CP BOTL" ( or SOTL for Souldog) The post number will be youre entry. On April 19th i will have my daughter randomly pick a number out of a hat Winner will recieve a very nice 5er. For this...
  14. Nashkicker

    Top Shot Reloaded

    Well they are coming back for a second season. The first was nothing but a dissapointment. Hopefully they tweak it a bit this season. I would like to see more variety in weapon choice (ie connons ,trebuche(sp) blow guns, hell even stone throwing) Discuss
  15. Nashkicker

    Today is the BIG DAY

    After a year of planning today is the day I marry the girl of my dreams. The mother of my child. The love of my life. Hard to put into words what is going through my mind right now!
  16. Nashkicker


    Ok does anyone know when this pit in my stomach will go away? I havent felt this lost since my daughter was born. At least then I was happy beyond belief. My best friends wife adn I dont exactly get along. There has been tension between us for years. I always thought it was because I...
  17. Nashkicker

    Thanks to all my CP BOTL/SOTL

    I was doing an inspection of my coolidor today and found myself thinking a lot about CP and cigar culture in general. While I recognize that I am still a total newb I have been around long enough to absorb a lot from the community at large! From brothers holding raffles to help fellow BOTL out...
  18. Nashkicker

    2010 NYS Taekwondo Champion

    Could not be prouder of my daughter.:love: -round 1 -round 2
  19. Nashkicker

    Has it been a year already?

    Man this came up fast! LOL Thats what she said. In the past year I have learned, laughed,and even stepped on my dick once or twice. Through it all one thing has remained the same, the brotherhood we share through our common enjoyment of the leaf. As a thanks to the board I am offering another...