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  1. CigarStone

    Help identifying the age of my Don Carlos Sampler

    Hello brothers! It's been a long time and when I decided to come here for some help I realized how much I miss this place:) I have a Don Carlos sampler with the Lancero and 7 other sticks. I think I bought it 11 or 12 years ago but can't remember because I have CRS. I called Tampa...
  2. CigarStone

    Just wanted to say thank you!

    I haven't been here much and I often miss it! I recently spent a few days with jfields and his family and the break was just what I needed. John and Donella and their family are truly some of Gods special people! We ate, drank, and smoked like kings; we shared stories and memories, and we...
  3. CigarStone

    How to handle an unfortunate situation?

    Good morning: I ordered 10 boxes of ISOM's and things didn't go so well. A box of 9 (3x3) Partagas Culebra are moldy and look terrible, a box containing two bundles of QyH Favoritos arrived smashed from being very poorly packaged, and the packaging in general was poor resulting in a few PSD4...
  4. CigarStone

    Start smokin a pipe again or sell all my stuff?

    Haven't been on CP much for a few years and that is shame on me! So many good people and so much knowledge! I have about 40 pipes, a cooler full of tobacco, and a box of accessories (cleaners, tools, ashtrays, etc.). I don't know if I should take up the habit again or sell everything but a...
  5. CigarStone life took a turn!

    After posting that life was moving along swimmingly, I now must post a slight derailment. I am in Key West on the last day of a vacation with a friend and his son who is going in to the Army Special Forces, we brought him down to blow off some steam prior to boot camp. The first night here...
  6. CigarStone

    Just sayin hello

    Hello all..................I haven't been on here much at in the last year and I just wanted to say hello to some of the best guys in the world! Life has been crazy crazy but in a good way so I'm just riding out the storm:) The new love in my life is Irish so I am off to spend the day with her...
  7. CigarStone

    Death, taxes, and the Bengals

    There are very few certainties in life. In life itself, it's death! In our struggles to be successful, it's taxes! In the NFL, it's the Bengals! And the Cowboys....... If there are two leading underachieving teams over the recent history of the NFL it's the Cowboys and Bengals, or is it the...
  8. CigarStone

    Just saying hello

    Stopped by to say hello. I haven't been very active here for a while and sometimes I miss some of you old curmudgeons. I've been traveling a great deal and have actually gotten to do some bow hunting lately. Smoke a good one today!
  9. CigarStone

    GM paid us back?

    Not that it should surprise anyone but it still makes me sick! READ HERE
  10. CigarStone

    The Pittsburgh Steelers

    The Steelers traded Santonio Holmes today for a 5th round pick to the Jets. At first I thought "a fifth round pick" but after some thought it makes me proud to be a Steeler fan! This sends a message to the players that Pittsburgh is not the place to act like idiots and it certainly isn't...
  11. CigarStone

    Nice little burr!

    I have tried four different burr grinders and finally found one that is a pretty good deal for what I use it for. THIS Black & Decker unit was $25 at Target and it works far better than the two Cuisinart units I had at a lot less money. The knock on this little guy is that it won't grind fine...
  12. CigarStone

    Help me identify this pipe?

    It's 6 1/4" long, the shank is thin and wide, the stem says FRANCE , and it's briar........That's all I can tell you. BTW, how do the make a red briar wood black?
  13. CigarStone

    Another slippery slope!

    So ..............Keystone Raider gets me involved in pipe smoking's all his fault! Am absolutely loving it! A couple inexpensive pipes and a couple nice briars borrowed from a friend. A couple different blends that come highly recommended. ........... And I am off and running. I'm...
  14. CigarStone

    Any .223 varmint/target shooters out there?

    Just bought the Remington 700 SPS Varmint in .223 and love shooting it! I can't wait till I find the ammo that groups best in it as this thing should a be a tack driver. I need a bi-pod for it and will probably get a better scope eventually. If anyone has an advice on ammo or experience with...
  15. CigarStone

    Any refrigerator repair guys out there?

    I am having an issue at my cabin and I "think" I know what's happening but I need an expert to tell me for sure. This has been a cold winter and I have used my cabin a good bit. When I get there it is somewhere between 20 and 30 degrees in the cabin and everything in my freezer is thawed. The...
  16. CigarStone

    Why women drive us crazy!

    If you're married or just in a committed relationship, you have probably encountered dozens of those little things that make you wish you were a's a few for me: SCENARIO: We are due at a function ME: How soon will you be ready? HER: I just have to finish my hair and get...
  17. CigarStone

    Any roofing guys out there?

    I need some guidance regarding an issue I am having at my cabin. As I said this requires some out of the box thinking. Here is the scenario: My cabin is used frequently but not enough to justify heating it all the time so it gets winterized every time I leave in cold weather, why does this...
  18. CigarStone

    2010 Playoff pool

    Thanks to Chester (Drunkfish3) for reminding me to do this again. Same as last year, if you care to read the frivolity form last year see here LAST YEAR'S POOL Here is how it will work: We will have anyone in good standing who has at least two months of active membership here If you are...
  19. CigarStone

    Terry Bradshaw to the troops in Afghhanistan

    Terry Bradshaw addressed thousands of troops in Afghanistan. Prior to his leading them in the singing of God Bless America, shown below, he spoke to them about love, the love that family has for each other and how the the troops, were "our" family (as in all of us)! And after the song the...
  20. CigarStone

    Any prairie dog hunters out there?

    I am looking to plan a prairie dog hunt in late spring or early summer and am wondering if anyone can provide any insight? We are open to go any time and any place in the good hunting states of SD, Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, etc. The more rustic, secluded, the better! Not really interested in...