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  1. Juanote

    All Bullshit Aside

    Are current production CCs worth long term investment and storage, in particular RASS? I’ve finally reached a point of having some disposable income where cigars are concerned. And lo, my long deferred dream of laying down 50 cabs of RASS annually is nigh. Yet I’ve heard that there’s been a...
  2. Juanote

    Cigar Page Sale

    First quality Nicaraguan overruns: They can’t disclose the blend / marca but suggest that it may be possible to guess based on the listed formats, wrappers, etc. Any guesses? Depending on the factory / blend these might be a rare...
  3. Juanote


    Hi there. Looking for some general advice on how to help a friend with PTSD. He’s an LEO who took a man’s life in the line of duty nearly 10 years ago. So far it has cost him a marriage, years of coping via alcohol, and now that he’s finally been diagnosed possibly his working life. He has...
  4. Juanote

    Aging Cigars

    According to Min Ron Nee (combined with a few other sources), Habanos have 4 stages of aging: 1. Sick period - release of ammonia (30 days - 1 year) 2. First maturation - maximized flavor & loss of bitter / harsh flavors (mild: 2-5 years, medium: 5-8 years, full: 7-15 years) 3. Second...
  5. Juanote

    Aging RASS vs. Lusitania

    Greetings, everyone. I have only ever smoked one RASS, and it had about 7 years of age on it. It was fantastic: rich flavors, nice strength, and quite smooth as well. It's not too strong a statement to say that I loved it, and decided in that moment that I will be seeing much more of this cigar...
  6. Juanote

    Brand New Outlaw

    Well, I finally pulled the trigger. There's no turning back now, next stop is the hoosegow for sure. At least I'll have something worth smoking until they throw away the key. ~ John
  7. Juanote

    CC Locusts?

    Reminds me of this picture, except of course about the sharing part. I'm new to CC smokes but have been researching them for a while. About two days ago I noticed that some CCs I've been pretty interested in trying were finally in stock again. Today I went back to buy a box and not only are...
  8. Juanote

    Back Alley "Habanos" That Smoke Well

    We're here in Trinidad and one of my coworkers recently bought a box of Cohiba Esplendidos in a back alley setting (against my advice). The box and seal seems counterfeit but the bands on the cigars are pretty convincing (font, dots, embossed printing) and the wrapper is a very attractive...
  9. Juanote

    Hemingway current release

    I've noticed that the current Hemingway regular release especially Short Story and Best Seller appear to have significantly darker wrapper than normal, something along the lines of sun grown perhaps or a Colorado color. They also smoke with a more forward and sweeter flavor than I am accustomed...
  10. Juanote

    Atlanta B&M Recommendations

    Anyone have one? I'm hoping to score some Opus up here before I head home. Thanks
  11. Juanote

    Must Smokes

    What smokes should every smoker try at least once? I'm thinking cigars specifically but also marcas in general, CC / NC / whatever. It would also be interesting to hear the rationale for each suggestion. Life is short, I must make some choices, and I appreciate your assistance.
  12. Juanote

    Old BST Offers

    I am curious about the ethics of a buyer reviving old B/S/T offers that have not been formally withdrawn. At what point is an old offer judged to have lapsed, and if conditions change, to be void in and of itself, or at a very minimum subject to changed terms at the discretion of the offering...
  13. Juanote

    So my wife freaked out tonight...

    She asked me where I got the smokes that arrived today (noob sampler), I told her I had made a deal posting at this place. But I had a feeling she might get the wrong idea so I started to tell her, "Honey, don't be fooled by some of the profile pics, they're all a bunch of crusty old dudes..."...
  14. Juanote

    ISO: Best Wine Merchants for Case Purchases

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking to restock my wine cooler. Thanks
  15. Juanote

    Daily Smokes for Beginners (& Bargain Beauties)

    I'm looking for suggestions for medium and full bodied daily smokes in the $4-$7 range. I don't really have the palate to appreciate highly nuanced sticks yet, I'm just looking for solid enjoyable smokes that won't break the bank so I can build up some inventory. Here's a few that I rate between...
  16. Juanote

    Suggestions Requested

    This noob needs guidance, and I haven't found this topic directly addressed.   Can anyone suggest which smokes combine the pinnacle of rich flavor, powerful body and strength? I gather Opus X fits the bill already, but I'm hoping you all can name some readily available smokes. (I plan to acquire...
  17. Juanote

    Being A Noob Here (Long)

    I had no idea what a "cigar pass" was before registering in this forum. Some key noob primers are not functional any longer so it took me a little while to understand its purpose.   Now that I have an idea I admit to having mixed feelings about it.   I'm a generous person and I earn a decent...
  18. Juanote

    American Malted Whisky: Best Dram In The World Says UK Blind Tasting

    Anybody here have any experience with this stuff?   To my surprise American Malted Whisky (scotch-style or scotch-influenced) exists, and as I have not been able to uncover a discussion of it here, I felt it needed its own topic.   I had no idea that an American single malt whisky was judged the...