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  1. BobbyRitz

    ISO HTF Bourbon

    If you have access to any of the following bourbons, please let me know. I'm happy to pay cash or trade cigars or a combination of the above. 1) Pappy Van Winkle 20 yo 2) George T. Stagg  3) Hudson Baby Bourbon 4) Martin Mills 24 yo Thanks for looking! Rob
  2. BobbyRitz

    Which would you rather have?

  3. BobbyRitz

    Ramon Allones Cornhole Boards

    Almost done...
  4. BobbyRitz

    Forty Pounds of Pig and an '02 Upmann Mag 46

    Time to start an overnight cook for my niece's 1st birthday party. Forty pounds of Boston butts. I decided to crack a box of '02 Mag 46s. This cook should be over around 8 or 9am tomorrow morning.
  5. BobbyRitz

    FS - Aristocrat A Plus 48

    With the addition of the MXT Plus, I'm selling my Aristocrat A Plus 48. It is in very good condition and has worked admirably while in use. It is natural mahogany and measures 22"W x 25"D x 48"H and controls RH only (not THC). As the pictures suggest, it has three full length spanish cedar...
  6. BobbyRitz

    A New To Me Aristocrat MXT Plus

    My A Plus 48 has been full since the day it arrived. I've always had a combination of cabinets and coolers until today. I'm quite excited to FINALLY have an Aristocrat MXT Plus. I was very happy that it is the deeper 26.5" model. I even have some room available! (famous last words) :blush...
  7. BobbyRitz

    ISO Founders Breakfast Stout or KBS

    Will trade cigars or pay $. Best, Rob
  8. BobbyRitz


    I'm smoking my first RA Gladiator in the garage while watching the UFC on my laptop. Anyone else watching?
  9. BobbyRitz

    Happy Birthday Little Buddy!

    Review Number Four My son, Trey, turned four earlier this week. When he was born, I bought a 50 cab of SLR Regios with the box code of his birth month. Four years have passed by faster than I can tell you. I smoked the fourth Regios yesterday and have to say...they are finally coming around...
  10. BobbyRitz

    30+ Inches of Snow in the Mid-Atlantic

    Between yesterday and today, we've received in excess of 30" of snow. After 3 passes with the snow blower on my driveway, I think I'm done....for now! :D First pass (another 8 or so inches fell afterward): Hopefully after the last:
  11. BobbyRitz

    Late 80s Cohiba Lancero

    What a gorgeous day here in Maryland. My wife went to the gym and is picking up our son, who stayed overnight with her parents. I thought it a good idea to head outside and focus on a nice cigar. As some of you know, I’ve been tremendously busy with work of late. I went into the cabinet and...
  12. BobbyRitz

    Poor Man's PLPCs and BCEs

    ...actually an experiment that I hope will pay off 15 years down the road. 54 (6 rows deep of 9 across) RGPCs and 50 RGCEs. We'll see how much life the cigars have left as vendors have been blowing them out at ridiculous prices of late. I'm hopeful that cabinet storage and a little TLC will...
  13. BobbyRitz

    Picture of the Lunar Eclipse

    I managed a fairly decent picture just 3 minutes in advance of full lunar eclipse. Maximize for best view:
  14. BobbyRitz

    Hoyo de Monterrey Lusitania

    I haven't been smoking much lately, so I thought I would bring the new year with an interesting cigar. Tonight's cigar - the Hoyo de Monterrey Lusitania from the 2003 book. The book consisted of 20 Hoyo Lusitanias which were fashioned after the "old" Lusitania, meaning these cigars were vitola...
  15. BobbyRitz

    Looking for an empty Cohiba Coronas Especial or Monte Especial #2 Box

    Will trade or pay $. Thanks, Rob
  16. BobbyRitz

    Billick fired...

    The offense of the Ravens has done nothing to improve itself over Billick's 9 years as head coach. They kept trotting out the same, tired vanilla plays and had zero ability to create mismatches. Perhaps Billick will excel on TV with all of his bravado and egomaniacism. We had a two year window...
  17. BobbyRitz

    Use a Printer for Blank Cigar Bands

    Anthony (Tone-NY) gave me a ERDM Choix Supreme from 98 or 99. This cigar was unbanded that year. Well, the white band on the cigar he gave me had the vitola, marca and box code listed on it... In fact, it appeared as though the label had been printed using a computer. Does anyone have...
  18. BobbyRitz

    Has Anyone Recently Flown with Cigars?

    I'm headed to San Diego on Friday to visit with some friends, play golf and take in the Ravens/Chargers game. I want to bring cigars, but wasn't sure of the best way to go about it. 1) Could I simply carry my 30 count Cigar Caddy on the plane? 2) Should I put it in a bag that I plan to...
  19. BobbyRitz

    One Year at CP

    I've greatly enjoyed my time here at CP. Tomorrow will be one year for me. It's quite a special time as I joined the site exactly one week before my son was born (his first birthday is November 10th). As I type, he's playing with his house and his favorite toy, a bucket of blocks. He and my...
  20. BobbyRitz

    Congrats Mark!

    Like many of us, I'm always surfin' the net for new things, etc. I happen upon and notice that Mark has suspended shipping from Oct. 17 - 21nd due to his wife giving birth to their first child!!! Congrats Mark...I guess a new desktop, beads and hygro can wait!!! There is nothing...