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    Public Apology Again...

    Hello. Havent been on the board in quite some time. Needless to say I had some "personal issues" over the past years that really put me out of commission and unfortunately affected a lot of great people that I have met in person and grown to love and respet. I have had the priveledge of smoking...
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    Was gifted a cigar at one of the local shops tonight. Band says JDN-ADC then under it, El Martillo 2009... Any one have a clue as to what this thing is? JDN i'm figuring is Joya de Nicaragua... and it def has that full flavor profile. Great smoke none the less! It's about 6X54... loads on...
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    Loggin in on my new pnone - LG Xenon GR500

    Cant seem to find the log in spot. Anyone else have this prob logging in to the site on their phones. Is there a mobile cpass that I'm missing? Its not an iphone which I had no probs doing on my wife's phone. Just looking for feedback or maybe some direction here. Anything helps... mac
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    Antoher dumb question...

    So.... can someone tell me where I can find my inbox? :whistling: mac Please disregard my idiocy. I have officially found my inbox. Thank you and have a nice day. :cool: :0 mac Okay... okay... now... can someone explain to me why it just added my "reply" to my original post? Does...
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    Chateau Real Maduro Nobles

    So for the most part I've been really enjoying the Liga Privada line Drew's been rolling. Sometime earlier this year I was smoking at one of the shops and one of his reps was there handing out Chateau Real Maduro's. Now I believe this cigar has the San Andreas wrapper on it that made Te Amo so...
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    My best wishes to a great group of folks

    Been out of the loop a bit... New job, new house and a 5month old got most of my time. Just hope everyone is hangin in there. Miss the time on the form. Maybe try to post moe on the best forum around. God bless guys and gals! mac
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    My Precious Angel

    And of course Pepin trying to hit a golf ball... mac
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    Would this be considered bad form?

    DC# 9109 8052 1368 3096 4974 00 I'm back baby! :cool: mac
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    Just wanna say thanks to CP

    Well, as many of you might know, I have struggled with some personal issues here this past year. It's really been up and down. My wife and I are expecting in April of next year, but I, on the other hand, have has some health issues that have really put a lot of stress on the family. When I...
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    Rocky Patel - Edge Maduro

    It doesn't matter how many times I give this cigar a chance or how many I let rest 3+, 6+ months... this cigar SUCKS! :D Ever since I first heard about these, its been nothing but good... "It's the best $5 cigar on the market!". I have tried over and over again to put them in the bottom of...
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    I think I might have...

    slid one past the goalie... :0 Now I'm no GENIUS (edit for spelling... thanks Eshaw)... but I think these things might speak for themselves... mac
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    An interview with Pete Johnson

    CLICK ME Great little interview that was done with Pete. He talks a lot about the early days, hooking up with Pepin and also a little preview of some stuff to look for in the future. Read it if you got the time. He even mentions the cigar boards... :thumbs: mac
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    Do you commute?

    Well, I fianally got a job offer from the wonderful State of Texas in the field I have been training to work in for the last four years. :whistling: It's truely an exciting time for me. So as my title suggests, looks like I'll have to be joining the morning rat race. I'm looking at about 80...
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    Make your own fireworks

    HAVE FUN! Happy 4th of July CP! mac
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    One thing I love about summer...

    Juicy, ripe peaches! Had one that ran down the chin this afternoon... :D mac
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    Pepin Sampler

    Sick Deal They got me again! As I was checking out I saw the deal on the RP OWR Corojo torps... 10 for $39.99. GOT ME AGAIN! :thumbs: mac
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    Lookin for some advice here

    Well, Looks like I finally got an interview with the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services. Some of you guys know that I am very close to finishing my Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. Looks like I might actually have to go to work soon... :whistling: Interviewing...
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    A chance to meet Rocky Patel

    Just thought I would pass it along. Cigar Shop and More in Addison, Texas will be hosting a Rocky Patel event on June 26th and guess who will be there to enjoy a smoke with... Rocky Patel. :thumbs: Rocky will be launching his new Summer Collection, which I understand is part of his new...
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    J. Piedra

    :whistling: This one was pretty rough... Any thoughts on the marca as a whole? mac
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    Any dog training experts here?

    Some of you might remember the story about how my wife and I got Cash, the dog in my avatar. Well, we have really grown to love the guy. And he has really gotten comfortable in our yard. He's an outdoor dog and has been doing really well adjusting to his new home. Only problem with Cash is...