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    Sad news today - Jeff (Shibumi) passed away

    Charlie, Gary and all that knew him, I'm sorry you lost a close friend. I have been in that boat and it sux!! I continue to tell stories, as they bring back the fond memories we shared. Thoughts and prayers to his family, all y'all and anyone else that knew him. Sounds like a great guy will...

    Quad State Herf 14 - August 3rd, 2019

    Charlie, Once again, you, Beth and everyone of your volunteers, have outdone yourselves. Great herf for a greater cause! I'm just sorry I don't live a bit closer, so we can catch up a bit more often. THANK YOU for all of the hard work and dedication. It's always fun putting faces to names...

    I was not a fan when I heard this

    I'm not a fan of changing tradition! What next, giving them "time out" cards like the Army gives their current recruits? I tell very recruit I talk to to throw the thing away, as soon as they get it. They really don't want to be "that guy"! Floyd T

    Who do you have tonight? NCAA Final

    Would like to see Texas win. Just not a VA fan. Floyd T

    EAS (End of Active Service) Day

    Semper Fi and God bless your son and his wife. Their service to our Country is much appreciated! Floyd T

    Pipe Finish - Restore

    ATash, I wish I had some insight to your problem, but I'm lucky I can smoke em, much less repair em. I'm sue youtube has something. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. Floyd T

    A Little Help From My Friends

    got it done today. Floyd T

    What’s in your pipe today? 2019

    Great looking Peterson! Enjoy. Floyd T

    Good Morning S / BOTL - 2013

    Good morning, Carlie. Glad to see yer doing well. Hoping to get up that way for the Herf this year. Take care. Floyd T

    A Karl Erik I enjoy.....

    I smoked this last time I smoked this pipe. I have a bit of Balkan Sobranie from my buddy Mark in Kentucky. SInce it is no longer made, I smoke it very seldom. That shop in Kentucky has a Christmas blend thats a bit aromatic but has great flavor, so it gets smoked when my wife is around...

    Just ordered an English sampler from Boswell Pipes

    You know, when I was in Kentucky, there was a shop that had a great guy that smoked pipes; Paul was his name. He was as knowledgeable as anyone you'll ever meet. He taught me everything I know about pipes (most I believe I've forgotten, sadly). Anyway, he said English blends will mirror...

    Copenhagen Pipe Shops?

    If I can figure this shit out, certainly a lowly lawyer can!!o_Oo_O Floyd T

    An Erik Nording....

    Howdy again, This guy is a signed Erik Nording. He was in a small shop in Kentucky a bit ago, and signed a couple pipes. This is an unfinished pipe. As it ages, the heat from the pipe, along with the oils from your hands, allow the wood to darken over time. Pretty cool, I think. A bit...

    A Karl Erik I enjoy.....

    Hello to the few that lurk here in the pipe section. This is a Karl Erik "Ekstravagant" "AA" I have in my small collection. For its' size, it is a comfortable smoke and light in the hand. Hell, who am I trying to kid, like seegars, I just smoke em. I don't know jack chit about all that fancy...

    A request for prayers

    MX, My dad went to sleep one night last September, and never woke up. Unexpected as well, as nothing was bothering him. He had a very peaceful look on his face, so we know he didn't suffer. I was in shock. Not knowing the circumstances of your dads death, I only hope he didn't suffer. I...

    Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

    You know, if you use apple concentrate (comes frozen in a can) you'll not water down your "hooch" as bad. :cool: My wife and I have come up with a pretty good recipe for "clear". We've gotten our proof to low 70's. Don't really wanna distill it down any further, as it takes long enough...

    Coolest Clock Ever

    Very neat story and cool airplane. Waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy out f my league. Have fun and keep us posted on yer progress. Floyd T.

    Ohio Governor Kasich trying to raise taxes on cigars

    That idiot needs to raise money to cover the medicaid expansion he promoted in Ohio!! I can't believe some folks wanted this screw as POTUS. Floyd T.

    My dog died in last night

    Johnny, I feel the same way! My buddy Wyatt went after 12 years (English bully) and I know there will never be another bully like him, PERIOD!! I know myself well enough to know, I'd hang that on a new English, and it wouldn't be fair. Take time, and when it's right, pull the trigger. Life...

    Cut the cable

    Once ESPN went political, we got rid of Direct and cable. I do not watch any live tv from home. I am much more tolerable now!!! All of the political bullchhit was to much for me. Much more peaceful now. Floyd T.