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    Happy Birthday CoventryCat86

    Happy Birthday Bill! Smoke a few good ones while you slowly drive around Canada in the fast lane with your blinker on.
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    This might be the worst I've seen

    linky edit : Now that I think of it, I have 3 of these I'll let go for 159 bucks.
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    Any update on the Cigarstone issue?

    Any word on this? Or did I miss something? The 48 hours are up. Even if the member owned up to it and isn't getting banned members should know who it is for deals/passes etc.
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    Knappogue Castle 1995 Irish Single Malt Whiskey

    Knappogue Castle 1995 Very Special Reserve Irish Single Malt Whiskey. This Irish is a single malt distilled in 1995, individually selected by cask and bottled in 2007. (per the back label) It is very light in color. I just had some on the rocks and will now have some neat for the review. I...
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    Wyatt did the same to me.

    Wyatt, being the stand up guy he is, sold me a 5'er of the LFD lancero Cammies. Which in and of itself was a really nice thing to do. But then he goes and throws in a couple extras. This was going to be a simple transaction, now Wyatt has to go and start this. Wyatt, I have your addy...
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    Tatuaje event at 2 guys in Salem, NH

    I got this email from 2 guys cigar shop in Salem NH. Thought I'd post it. I thinking of heading down after lunch. Nice shop for those in the area that haven't been there before. I'm not affiliated with 2 guys or Tatuaje Tatuaje is hotter than ever and Pete will be up to see that it doesn't...
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    Letter from Holts - asking for a copy of my Driver's License?

    So I get this letter in the mail today from Holt's. I think I purchased from them once for a trade about a month ago. Here is the letter So, besides the obvious errors in spelling, grammar and typing, I fail to see how, if according to them my information was not part of the public...
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    Trade my Opus X for your Banana Backwoods

    Looking to trade my box of Opus X Perfection X for a box of ten packs of Banana Backwoods. Mmmm I love banana...
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    Just wanted to say hello, Seen a few of you over at the Enjoyed the pass, PIF and the draft there so I thought I would check it out here. Look forward to smoke'n and joke'n nhcigarfan