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  1. Kxthor911

    Mixed Drinks

    Ok, so I may be way out in left field here but I was wondering if any of you like mixed drinks and had any good recipes to share.
  2. Kxthor911

    Funky Budda and Ft. LauderdALE

    While in Florida I visited the Funky Budda Brewery. It was a really cool place, was curious if anyone else had ever been there. Tried some interesting beers, a couple of the better ones were a Key Lime Pie beer and a Pip's Paddle.   Also in the same...
  3. Kxthor911

    May be getting a Tower Built

    I have a friend that builds cabinets and has offered to build a humidor for me, he has never built one before though so I need some advice.   My questions are these:    1. does it matter what type of wood you use on the outside? as long as its hardwood. I know humidity affects different woods...
  4. Kxthor911

    Cigars based on mood (weird I know)

    So I am somewhat hesitant to post this, I know threads can sometimes gain their own momentum or manage to go other ways that are not intended but these kinda things just happen sometimes so no big deal.    My grandpa was having a hard time and spending some time in the hospital in Beaumont, TX...
  5. Kxthor911

    Crazy at Specs

    Well over the past couple of years I have been experimenting in different types of beers. I have discovered that I enjoy a few different styles and sours being a favorite already. I also snagged a couple of bottles of saint arnolds pumpkinator which is somewhat of a small batch beer, pretty good...
  6. Kxthor911

    Food Grade Plastic

    Ok. Turning a 100 quart cooler into a large humidor with cedar shelves. Already have the shelves, they came out of a large tower and were not being used. My planes are to stack the shelves on top of each other (horizontal cooler lid) because they are to large to slide in if i have the cooler...
  7. Kxthor911

    Ordered a Montegue   They had a 20% off sale the other day so I ordered one. Once I get it I will post up some pics. Looking forward to filling this thing up.
  8. Kxthor911

    Humidors for sale - website

    Hey guys, I know a lot of you have cabinets and I was curious if any of you have heard of this site. I wanted to do a little research before I attempted to order from anyone. I probably will not order right now anyways since I just bought The Montegue End Table Humidor from
  9. Kxthor911

    Paul Garmirian Cigars

    For those of you that know about this company I will list the cigars that have been produced. It seems like he has only had one Limited Edition and I guess that is the PG Symphony 20. So does that mean all of his other cigars are still in production or do they come and go? PG Gourmet - seem...
  10. Kxthor911

    Can not see addresses anymore

    I was looking thru some things and I can not find anyone's address. I wanted to send out a few sticks. Is there a reason for this?
  11. Kxthor911

    Great trip, great cigars.

    I recently went to west texas riding motorcycles with a group of friends. While I was there I had a Padron 1926 #1, a Work of Art Maduro, a Short Story, and a few others. Based on reviews I have read mainly on this site. Thanks to everyone for all the help. The trip was great and so were the...
  12. Kxthor911

    AF Short Story

    I had a short story a couple of nights ago. I think it was one of the better cigars that I have had do far. My question is are all the cigars in this line as good as the short story. I have a work of art maduro in my humidor as well that I plan to try one evening. What are your thoughts? Thanks...
  13. Kxthor911

    Shout-Out to Emoshun

    I just wanted to say I had a nice conversation via Skype the other day. I wanted to say that I appreciate the good conversation and friendly attitude. Shows me that you all are a welcoming bunch. Thanks again +1 for CP.
  14. Kxthor911

    Cigar shape vs flavor

    So I was reading the thread about people's favorite shapes and that brought out a question from me. Does shape influence flavor and why? Or is it just a difference in time. I think I understand that smaller ring gauges produce more flavor because of the wrapper to filler ratio. Is this correct?
  15. Kxthor911

    Thoughts on Graycliff Cigars?

    I was just curious of everyone's take on Graycliff. Why is there MSRP so high when they are actually selling for much lower? Are they quality cigars and the original MSRP is just not obtainable?
  16. Kxthor911

    Fan setup for Wineador

    What type of setup do you all run in your wineadors? Is it better to run the fan constantly or to have it switch on and off with a timer? If a timer is better what do I need to set that up? Did you run your power for the fan up thru the drain hole? If so what can i use to seal it afterward? If...
  17. Kxthor911

    Twisted Sisters Trip

    A fellow motorcycle rider and myself are thinking about making a trip to the sisters of Texas (been there once before without smokes.) Can't wait to be riding good roads for a few days in a row. Sucks here all roads are long, straight, and flat. Will be sitting outside by the fire at night...
  18. Kxthor911

    Wineador comes in wed. Need help.

    Since its not summer time and bright and sunny outside any ideas on how to get the plastic smell out. Also I live in southwest Louisiana and I ordered a pound of 65% heartfelt beads. Need ideas on keeping humidity down at around that. So how to charge the beads. Any other ideas or guides...
  19. Kxthor911

    Ordered my wineador last night.

    Koldfront 28 Bottle from Also ordered one pound of 65% heartfelt beads.
  20. Kxthor911

    Thinking of building a Wineador

    Ok so a little while back I bought my first humidor, its kinda small and I have been doing research on bigger ones, other things I can do. I am thinking of doing like a wineador. I have read some of the other threads about them and here is what I have came up with so far. List of things to come...