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    why are churchills cheaper than rothschilds?

    i was looking at some cigars of the same brand and i noticed that the smaller sizes of that line are more pricey than the longer/larger version of that same line. i would think that since it's a larger cigar, meaning more leaf and more effort into making it even/uniform would make it more...
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    another confiscation?

    nor did i request a resend of any illegal products i may have purchased. when i got home today from long day at the beach, i noticed a little brown box that said SWISSPOST all over it. it felt empty when i shook it and i was wondering what the hell it was as i dont remember ordering anything. i...
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    my first opus x

    i got home around 10pm last night after a good 4hr mma training session, i sat down on teh comp and my cell began to ring. it was a good friend of mine who just came back from oregon to visit, he told me he was on his way, i didn't know he was down here so it was a suprise to me. well he got...
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    cooking a steak

    anyone got some simple recipes? hows about some marinade recipes? post them up!
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    that's what i thought bitch!

    hmm, never thought about all that..sorry guys, this thread can/should be deleted
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    im in big trouble

    title says it all. i have one of four options :angry: this sucks :(
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    MSRP reference?

    is there page on here or a site that has msrp by the singles and the box for all or most of the legal or illegal cigars?
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    Ashton VSG Tres Mystique

    After all the hype , all the reviews, I just knew that I had to get my hands on one, I visited the local b&m and saw that there were some torpedo’s in stock but the price was $16, I just couldn’t come around to pay for that knowing that it was a I’d be paying way more than msrp. I went home...
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    my cherry has been popped

    atuck is the man, he's the white hawaiian who taunts haoles haha i gotta say thank you dude, i will return the favor with some of our hawaiian "treats" thanks again, i dont knwo how else to express my appreciation so i'll just stop typing here before i make myself look stupid. thanks.
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    relative humidity

    i still have my 50ct humi, i have viper beads in the tube he sells them in. i also have a slim digital hygrometer, if i put the directly in front of the beads it reads 71%-72% but then if i place the meter on of the top layer of singles it reads 70%-69% and then if i place the meter on top of...
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    new humi, few new sticks, updated pics 8/27 pg. 2

    Rod hooked it up big time, he pm'ed me after seeing the thread i made about the medici humi originally wanted. it's not no cabinet or freezerdor or something but im gonna have fun filling it. my 50ct that doesn't even hold 50cigars isn't cutting it anymore so i need to expand and this is what i...
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    so how much do you smoke in a week?

    because this past week i've smoked every day and atleast 2 cigars for each day which would make it about 12-14cigars total and honestly i think it's a bit too much for me. i think im addicted :( so how much do you folks smoke? and what do you think is too much?
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    im thinkin about gettin this humi to replace my 50ct. humi

    the humi i have now doesn't seal properly and that's mainly what im lookin for, other than a humi not having a window or being too fancy lookin or being way too big. this seems to be perfect, simple, a little tall but will easily be hidden and not too hurtfull on my pocket and most of all lots...
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    sig size limitations?

    are there any? i plan on puttin up a picture for my sig but i dont want to violate the rules if any.
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    Herfin' Blues

    would you guys rather smoke alone or with friends? i personally like smoking with friends, conversation, company, and it just feels better. i have no botl's around me :( or well i do know some but i can't just get up and go out just to smoke a few, the gf needs me close by to help with my...
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    cigar boxes in humi's

    hi, im new to this site, and fairly new to the art of cigars. i've seen many pictures of cigar boxes in poeples humi's and i assume they have gars in them.. but how does that work? can the cigars age and absorb humidity through the cedar box they came in and through the cello that they'll...