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    NFL Draft

    :( Once again my Browns make me want to vomit! Why do I subject myself to this. :( I hope everyone elses draft goes better!
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    San Diego in June

    This is a rare thing. :thumbs: I am actually being sent to a conference the week of June 18th. I don't travel much and I have not been in Cal in 17 years. I have a couple of questions for you Cal folks out there. 1) Is there anyplace to smoke cigar in downtown San Diego? My life for the week...
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    CAO Vision

    Brand: CAO Vision Name: Catalyst Ring: 50 Length: 5: Wrapper: Domonican (Corojo) Binder: Dominican Filler: Dominican, Nicaragua, Brazil Cost: $11.65 Medium-Full Accompanied by: Montecristo Coffee Smoke time: about 1 hour The scene: I was at a CAO event yesturday. Let me say that other than the...
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    Merry Christmas!

    I just finished watching my kids open up way to many presents and wanted to wish my second family a seasons greetings :thumbs:
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    Christmas is almost here!

    :0 I have not had time to breath the last month or so. Is everyone ready for christmas? :D Presents wrapped, toys bought and jewelry ready. LOL :cool: Everyone have a wonderful christmas!!! :thumbs:
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    Poor Ohio

    :( I love this state but I woke up this morning in comunist Russia. Issue 5 SmokeFree was passed by my freindly Ohioans banning smoking in public places. Please light a candle for me in rememberance of my freedom. Thank you DarrenR
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    To Crack or Not to Crack

    :0 Ok get your minds out of the gutter!LOL Storage and aging of cigars is as much a personal preference as lighting or cutting but I am curious. :p I was cleaning out my cabinet and transfering some items to my new coolidor and this came to mind. When I get a box to age I will take each stick...
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    Opus X Fuente Fuente

    :D Brand: Fuente Fuente Name: Opus X Size: 5.58 inch Ringe: 46 Wrapper leaf: Dominican Republic Binder leaf: Dominican Republic Filler leaf: Dominican Republic Ok, so I will start by setting the mood. The kids are at the grandparents. We came back from an awsome dinner of crusted scallops...
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    I couldn't help myself...

    :D There I am minding my own business picking up Litte Mermaid on DVD for my daughter at the local WalMart and I heard my name. ??? There it was a 50grt coleman for $16.82. I tried to ignore it but I could not. So it is now in my garage soaking for the night. I have needed one since my cabinet...
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    Anejo time of year..

    :D Well, I am sitting here wondering if anyone has heard what the stock will be like this year and if there is a set release date. The only local B&M I have will maybe if he is lucky get one box since he is not a major Fuente dealer. :( So, I am trying to get some inside trading info. If the...
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    Blue and Gold through and through

    :( Not even an Anejo 48 made me feel happy. :angry: I am about to hit the bottle hard. Hats of to Michigan. Go Irish! Man even that sounnds wrong after that wipp'n
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    Happy Fathers Day

    :D Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there! :thumbs: Keep up the good work and smoke'm if ya got'm :p
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    La Aurora event

    I am good friends with the owner and he is not very good on a PC, so I told him I would post this in case there are any local Northeast Ohioans around. :) Here is the details. La Aurora event June 17th 11:00am to ?????? Whenever. OSI Tabacco 3915 Everhard Rd. NW North Canton, Oh 44709...
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    From my family

    Thank you You have chosen a thankless job. You have given my family and I the greatest gift an American can give another. Our FREEDOM. THANK YOU
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    Happy B-day to all!

    :D Lets not forget Allofus123 the old buzzard, mikedevilsfan, Lukasa and Jus10 are all have a birthday on the best day of the year! :laugh: :thumbs: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS! :cool:
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    My Birthday smoke

    Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Exclusivo Ring: 50 Length: 5.5 Wrapper: Maduro Beverage: Absolute, ice, tonic and some lemon. I will start by saying I came home from work and sat outside with my 2 awsome kids and my wife. It could never get better than that, all I could hope for was to inhance...
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    Lips, Teeth or Both?

    As I sat there in my garage sucking down a Padron 2k nat with a cup of 8 o'clock coffee today I could not help but ponder. How do other people handle the suck and puff? LOL Cigars guys, get your minds out of the gutter! :p I tend to rotate from holding the cigar in my teeth to pressing it...
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    Burgh herfers Cigar crawl May 20th?

    :D I am just curious. I have plans with a member of my local Akron Cigar Club to meet up with the Burg Herfers when they hit Ohio. Is anyone from here part of this????
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    Just a Question?

    :D How is my second family doing today??? I hope we are all having great days! :p
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    Do you hear that?

    :p GO BROWNS!!!! :p We are coming for all of yah now. LOL If you are a jets fan out there I'm sorry, that was a terrible pick over Leinhart(I probably just butchered his name)