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  1. ncast2523

    I'm still not sure why...

    But Jonesy decided that my newbie self was a worthy target and decided to blow up my poor mailman and my front door as he tried to put this bomb through my mail slot... Poor guy!   I'm still surprised and humbled by this gesture.   Thanks again to Jonesy and thanks to CP for being such a great...
  2. ncast2523

    Dinner w/ Jonathan Drew @ Leaf Cigar Bar PA

    Any fellow CP BOTL'S attending tonight?   Ill be making the drive from NY and have never been to an event like this, should be pretty cool!
  3. ncast2523

    Thoughts on Gary Sheffield on the Mets

    I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I suppose only time will tell. Being a veteran I think he will be good for the team in the locker room, but im not so sure about on the field.