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  1. modo22

    Groomsmen Gifts?

    So I am getting married this October (insert joke here). The Vegas plans are off, we are both really disappointed about that, but we will make anything work as long as she says "I do". Anyways, I am doing a golf outing bachelor party at the end of September. Some of the guys golf, some don't...
  2. modo22

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2020 Season

    ......In these tragic and difficult times...... Anyways, we are all hopeful the NFL can happen this year. I am more than hopeful as I want that damn trophy from Gary! We will be making some changes this year due to COVID and the potential interruption of games. Regardless, we are a...
  3. modo22

    RP Edge Sumatra - Original Release

    I do not know why I picked this morning, but what the hell....I decided to smoke my last OR Edge Sumatra (2007). The re-released blend is still ok, but can't compare. This cigar was an amazing amazing amazing smoke! I had one back in 2007 and fell in love right away. I was just starting to...
  4. modo22

    Group buy Pats Super Bowl ring ++

    group buy? @Tall Paul
  5. modo22

    1981 RyJ No.1 -bucket list checked

    A few months ago John noticed I made a random comment about smoking a cigar from your birth year. Well he decided to share as he knows best!! I smoked this a few weeks after my bday this March and I was blown away. I honestly didn’t write anything down as I just wanted to enjoy the moment and...
  6. modo22

    2005 Ramon Allones Belicoso

    This review is long over due! I smoked this and reviewed it a few months back. But as most reviews start off; I was gifted this from a very generous man here in our community and he shared with me what he called one of his top favorite smokes! 1st third is so smooth with thick leather and...
  7. modo22

    San Diego, a whales Va...

    Discovered by the Germans right? I am heading to San Diego Monday and my morning meeting just canceled. Now I’m open from 10 till 5pm. Anything I should check out? Any cigar shops? Can you smoke there? I assume not but didn’t know if anyone has been before?
  8. modo22

    I tried to become a zombie

    Well yesterday and today are the first days in the last 10 that I have felt human again! Last Tuesday I tested positive for influenza A. Scary thing was that a few days prior, that Sunday, I had made a quick 32 hour trip to Vegas and had a lot of contact with all sorts. I was slightly worried...
  9. modo22

    2019 College Football Bowl pickem-Christy Wins

    Ok, its that time of year again. I think we will have to go with ESPN again since I don't see Yahoo opening this back up :( But it works ok last year. Link to last years thread; This game challenges you to...
  10. modo22

    Leave for vacation come home to tragedy

    I left home in Wichita to drive home to Chicago. After a long 11 hour drive back I came home to find a portion of my home burnt down. The cats were safe and luckily no one was home. Digging through the ashes of memories and keep sake’s was not what I wanted to ever have to do. After all the...
  11. modo22

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2019 Season

    Updated 8/21... Below are the guidelines (aka “rules”) for CP's 2nd FF League. 1. Entry is 6 cigars. This is a mixed stick league of 10 teams. MSRP has been set at a minimum of $8. ISOMs and NCs allowed. Use your judgment, no dog rockets. I hope this is not a problem. 2. First place gets 3...
  12. modo22

    Few hours to kill in KC

    I am flying into KC Thursday afternoon around 330 and will have several hours to kill before some evening meetings. Just a quick trip as I have meetings all day Friday then its back to Wichita. I know it is random, but Didn't know if any locals or anyone else would be floating through by...
  13. modo22

    Heading back to the DR...finally a real vacation!

    For the first time since 2013, I will be taking a real vacation!! Yea, sure I travel alot for work and take a day or two for myself...and I take a quick few days with family...but It has been 6 years since I have been able to just unwind in a foreign land and not worry about electronic...
  14. modo22

    A true Class Act(s)!

    @StatHaldol Mike and Christy!!! Thank you! I got a very nice package of some gadgets and cigars yesterday with a little thank you note. I know you two love the college FB bowl pickem league every year, but that doesn't mean I deserve something just for hosting it!! Very unexpected and much...
  15. modo22

    College football bowl picks

    Guys, college bowl pickem contest over in sports forum. Pretty fun in our 8th year! Sign up and let me know if you need help
  16. modo22

    2018 College Football Bowl pickem

    I have set up our 2018 CP group!!! THIS WILL BE OUR 8th YEAR!!! Lets get another fun group together. Link below to last years league ESPN is a little confusing when renewing a group, so let me...
  17. modo22

    Drunk on all the love!

    Have been talking about a beer trade for some time now. I have been trying to help my future brother in law cross some must haves off his beer bucket list and of course I had to reach out to someone I consider to be a friend and great person (even though I have never met him). Paul, thank you...
  18. modo22

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2018 Season

    August is almost here and I can almost taste football Sundays!!!! Even though Yahoo has sent out the renewals and teams were automatically added, I urge you to sign in and see if you can access your team/this league! Last year we had to make some last minute subs with inactivity being an...
  19. modo22

    Going North to Toronto...any must dos?

    So I will be in Toronto for 5 days at the end of July. Going to get some golf in one day, but then working the conference game the rest of the time. I have never been to Toronto before, any suggestions or must do's while I am there? I am sure I can buy some WAY over priced CCs :)
  20. modo22

    World Cup Soccer Tourney Contest 2018

    I believe in the past there was a random draw, team assigned, contest ran for the World Cup. Is obmike still around? I don't want to start one and step on toes...?? 6/5 Edit to Add: So the site wont let me do a...