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  1. Scottw

    Any N. NJ / PA / NY BOTL's want to hit the lounge this weekend?

    Fellas, This Saturday I think the kids will still be away so I'll be at the lounge and would love a chance to meet some of the local BOTL's. Anyway we can make this happen? It's in N. NJ and about 20-30 minutes away from Pike County PA and Orange County NY so it's a great spot. Let me know!
  2. Scottw

    New Cigar Lounge open in Northern NJ

    Sorry, wrong spot. __________________
  3. Scottw

    New Cigar Lounge open in Northern NJ

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A new cigar lounge is open now in Wantage NJ. Stix Cigars and Tobacco is located off Route 23 in the Wantage Town Center (190 Rt 23). Inside the shop, it is impeccable and I was greeted by Heather, the store...
  4. Scottw

    Bordeaux Futures

    Hey guys, I get an email from a friend who owns several wine outlets and he sent me the final offerings of his '09 Pre Arrival Bordeauxs scheduled to arrive in 2012. Any thoughts on these prices and the regions themselves? Never purchased futures before and am seriously in the St. Emillion and...
  5. Scottw

    Drink your best bottle, smoke your best cigars

    I copied this thread from a man named Warren who I respect. I am pasting it in so hopefully it comes out OK. In light of the 3 wakes I have been to and the death of a young relative at 23 yrs old and a friend at 38 as well as another stricken with cancer in the past 10 days, I wanted you to all...
  6. Scottw

    Taken out by Uptown Cigars!

    All, As some of you may know, I had the opportunity to go to the Quad State Herf this year to benefit the Wounded Warriors program. After the herf, we headed up to Uptown Cigars where Isy, the guru himself had a gathering of BOTL's drinking and smoking away. It was great to meet Isy as I...
  7. Scottw

    08 Trinidad Coloniales

    I did a search and saw some mixed reviews on this cigar (not a specific year) but a vendor has the 08's at a rather attractive price. Is anyone smoking and enjoying these at this point or are there better, price comparable alternatives. Also, any advice on how long these should sit before...
  8. Scottw

    Alcoholic Arnold Palmers

    Has anyone tried the Arnold Palmer made with Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade? I had my first one this past week and WOW it was great. I used the Firefly brand but there are a few less expensive ones you can use given the fact that it is a blended drink. It is outstanding an even went well with a...
  9. Scottw

    Awesom Filet Mignon Dinner

    It's my 3rd anniversary on Wednesday but I will be out of town. My wife and I were talking about somewhere to go to eat but the place we were talking about was closed. She said "why don't you cook me a gourmet meal at home?" I love to cook, in fact, anyone who knows me will tell you that if I...
  10. Scottw

    Cigar Rolling Event / Pig Roast / MOJITO BAR!

    Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this B & M other than the fact that I visit it occasionally. I am not being compensated nor rewarded in anyway for making this post. But this sounds cool: I got a postcard from my local B & M yesterday stating that they are having their cigar rolling event...