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  1. Big Stick

    Yet another addiction

    Post War Lionel Model train. I thirty six now and my father and brother decided to give my their Lionel train set they had back in 1948. Amazing!!!! The engine is the 726 first issue 1946. These thing were made like a brick shit house. Anyways Its like reliving my childhood all over again...
  2. Big Stick

    Multi year maintance on your....

    My background on HVAC is limited but I do work at Grainger. So I sell that type of stuff alll the time. Does anyone do any annual maintance on thiers? Just wondering Justin
  3. Big Stick

    (Costco) Kingford Competition Charcoal

    Its being discontinued....... I stocked up!!!!! Burns much better than the standard coal
  4. Big Stick

    Signature Cigars

    Rockville & Bethesda Maryland Cigar Specials, Hours, and New Arrivals Recession Fighter SALE Buy any 4 Cigars at $7.50 or more and Get 1 FREE-equal or lessor value Now thru Sunday 9-20-09 NO LIMIT Every Cigar Qualifies---GOF, Padron Anniversario etc Signature Cigars Announces Weekly Pipe...
  5. Big Stick

    Padron Family Reserve 45

    So im just curoius and how limited they are? Im buy Padron cuase I love smoking them but. The interveiw on line said they are just producing 1500 boxes Thats 15000 cigars. The milliniums they produced 1000 boxes 5 drawers each 20 per drawer Thats 100,000 cigars. So Im interested on the...
  6. Big Stick

    Dunhill table llight w/ 6 day movement

    Just wondering if anyone had any info on these I beleive they were from the mid to early 19th century
  7. Big Stick


    Yes Thats right mold I cant believe it but I opened a Avo( the one with leather on it) That I store all my custom rolled in Low a be hold there was mold. I quickly seperated the ones with mold and with out gonna smoke the ones I wiped of and zip lock the ones with out mold and put them back...
  8. Big Stick

    Davidoff R Maduro

    Hello All, Just wondering if anyone knew what the msrp was gonna be?
  9. Big Stick


    Ill be up there the last week of August and was wondering if there are any B&M's that I should go to? Or just want to hook up and smoke one? Also hope to find some good antique shops Thanks, Justin
  10. Big Stick

    OVTC Padron Event Porn

    Well I must say they put on an excellent event. Really only went for the Family Reserves but ended up getting some other cool stuff as well George seems to be really good people. And Gary the owner of OVTC is cool as shit. His staff is top notch. Glad I was able to score the empty reserve box...
  11. Big Stick

    Tatuaje Black

    Sorry no pictures You know what they look like :thumbs: From:Jar Vitola:Black 5 5/8 x 46 Drink:chilled Diet Dr Pepper Overall construction: Very well rolled, couple nice looking vein's was happy with it Taste: Very smooth, consistent all the way, creamy, woody notes(reminds me of the...
  12. Big Stick

    lets just say?

    I found a estate dunhill barely smoked for 140 Is this a good deal?
  13. Big Stick

    Parrafin mason sealing

    Well just jarred up some mixture 965 using the Parrafin sealing method. Pretty cool :thumbs: Anyone else use that method Edit: spelling of coarse
  14. Big Stick

    Didnt think the first one took woopsee

    Anyone ever use pure carnauba wax to polish there pipes? Found this cool linky:
  15. Big Stick

    Polishing your pipes

    Wanted to see if ya'll had any experience on using pure carnauba (car stuff right?)on your pipes? I like to try it without a buffer Any feedback? Here's a linky I found:
  16. Big Stick

    Clever Link

    It is in Portuguese, but you can still type your First name on first line and Last name on second line... no need to put in email address where it asks for it... This is Incredible! 1. GO TO THE FOLLOWING SITE : (be patient uploading) 2. WRITE YOUR FIRST...
  17. Big Stick


    Found this great article: Learned a little myself
  18. Big Stick

    Pipe Porn (CP safe)

    Im done for awhile :thumbs:
  19. Big Stick

    My first Pipe show

    It was held at 7-corners OVTC Patty's day and you guessed it Peterson It was very cool talking with fellow pipers. As for the Peterson Pipes, I wasn't all that impressed (didnt buy a pipe) Guess buying a Castello as a second pipe ruined a lot for me But the way I look at it if your gonna get the...
  20. Big Stick


    The only experience I have with a non aromatic Is Nightcap I enjoy this English mixtures Are there others brands that would be similar? Reason being that when that nightcap gone I like to smoke that same pipe Hopefully you’ll know what I’m trying to accomplish Eidt ; to say mixtures...