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  1. Big Stick

    Going out of business

    Wow sorry to hear this. Makes sense I havent had a dime to spend a cigar in a long while. :( Ill be in a pickle when I smoke all mine
  2. Big Stick

    Yet another addiction

    Post War Lionel Model train. I thirty six now and my father and brother decided to give my their Lionel train set they had back in 1948. Amazing!!!! The engine is the 726 first issue 1946. These thing were made like a brick shit house. Anyways Its like reliving my childhood all over again...
  3. Big Stick

    Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper Sauce!

    Cool my dad just gought some seeds online and we are going to grow them next year. The history of these pepers are pretty F'ing amazing. They are very dangerous
  4. Big Stick

    Angry Birds for Android

    I got this for my ipad. Love this game. Very addicting Im up to 2 golden eggs
  5. Big Stick

    Pelican case as a humidor

    Yummy.... thx for the porn
  6. Big Stick

    Pelican case as a humidor

    Yes thats all Ive ever used. I just trow one of my seasoned puck's in there and I go. Hope that helps
  7. Big Stick

    Initial impressions - Padron 46th Anniversary

    Thx for the review :thumbs:
  8. Big Stick

    Multi year maintance on your....

    I just sell hvac guys stuff. But I know they clean coils and such :0
  9. Big Stick

    Multi year maintance on your....

    Alrighty then... I guess knowone does anything to theirs :p
  10. Big Stick


    Inappropriate but funny :laugh:
  11. Big Stick

    Multi year maintance on your....

    My background on HVAC is limited but I do work at Grainger. So I sell that type of stuff alll the time. Does anyone do any annual maintance on thiers? Just wondering Justin
  12. Big Stick

    (Costco) Kingford Competition Charcoal

    Dunno but whenever you see a star in the upper right corner of the price label, that means when the products gone. You wont be seeing it again.
  13. Big Stick

    Bacon Cheese Turtleburger

    Heartattack on a plate!!!! I did this when it was posted. Kids loved it
  14. Big Stick

    (Costco) Kingford Competition Charcoal

    Its being discontinued....... I stocked up!!!!! Burns much better than the standard coal
  15. Big Stick

    Memphis Style Ribs

    Those look fantastic. I just modified my WSM 18 1/2 and now I could cook 12 racks of ribs at the same time :whistling:
  16. Big Stick

    Famous man caves

    I saw this to on FPN. Pretty awesome :love:
  17. Big Stick

    My new Wine-Cooler

    Looks great!!!, may I suggest some spanish cedar levels