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  1. mysterea

    Self Defense

    Enjoy. ~R
  2. mysterea

    Guess when...

    So as you may or may not know my wife and I are expecting our first child. It's going to be a girl, and supposedly it will arrive on March 18th. I personally think thats B.S. though, and she'll arrive whenever the hell she wants. That being said, if your guess it closest to the birth time and...
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    Impressions aside..

    This guys Tony Soprano impression is pretty spot on, but the real question is.. What's he smokin'? Blue label, gold trim... NSFW (swearing)
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    SlowMo Baloon Pop

    This got posted on recently, I thought a few of you botl's would enjoy it. NSFW if clevage or water is bad Cheers, Rob
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    Song lyrics _mean_ something...

    Teachers, parents and politicians They ridicule my wild ambitions They say, 'settle down son, live decently, Or you'll rot in jail before your 23!' They don't know their stuck in the past Can't stop me now 'cause I'm movin' too fast Presidents, priests and old ladies too They'll swear on the...
  6. mysterea

    A Joint Contest!

    So both tsmckenney and I have surpassed the lofty 1000 post watermark. Seeing as this automagically makes us FOG's we decided to hold a contest! We based most of our questions on our younger years, hopefully it'll take youall back.. It did for me, that's for sure. Rules: 1: We are the center...
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    Sir Edmund Hillary

    The great Sir Edmund Hillary has passed. He, and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa were the first men to summit Everest way back in 1953. Thier route is still used to this day. NPR Link I'll be raising a glass to these two men this evening. Talk about courage! Cheers sirs!
  8. mysterea

    Humidor lighting

    So I picked up some of these 'Quik Brite' LED lights.. They performed so well I thought I'd recommend 'em to you BOTL's. They're magnetically activated, in other words when the magnet (with tape on it) gets out of range of the light (about an inch) the light lights up. I've got two in the...
  9. mysterea

    Tobacco Shop 1/19

    Hey guys! Jeff (Cigarstone) is coming up to my pad yet again to help out with the new house. Seeing as he's in the area I'd like to get together with some local dudes to smoke one with 'em. I was hoping to do this 1/19/08 (Saturday) That being said I've chatted with JimD at the Tobacco Shop...
  10. mysterea

    Hey folks

    To all my sisters and brothers here, I'm wishing you all a happy and safe holiday season. I've learned so much from this community this year I just wanted to express my thanks and well wishes. Have a smoke, enjoy, and know that there's some good vibes being sent your way. Cheers! Rob
  11. mysterea

    Holy crap!

    I was going to say Dean (Tasman) just bombed the crap out of me, but I think it might be in bad form... Nothing to see here, move along! :laugh:
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    The Schutesbury Bomber

    So Ernie111 (AKA Ernie Tidlund) has decided to get all uppity and send your truly a congratulatory smoke in honor of my babys progression from 'it' to 'she'. It's been asked that said smoke be enjoyed in her honor. Fine with me I said to myself as I gave this delicious smelling smoke a gander...
  13. mysterea

    Pull my finger!

    So tomorrow afternoon my wife and I will be finding out of the 6.5" 10.5 oz parasite in her belly has ten or eleven fingers... I figure that's a pretty good cause for a contest, but since it's 50/50 shot (unless you choose 'all of the above') I gotta increase the odds a bit! The rules: The...
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    a thousand words..

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    Hey folks, I spent a little time up in the Adirondacks with a great group of friends, and took a few pictures Enjoy, and if anyone needs a recommendation for a great place to stay in the central 'dacks, let me know.
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    This just in from the news desk; Seth Howard is responsible for single handedly ruining my chances of getting my security deposit back. Seth, you sent me some friggin' great sticks, personal favorites, with a touch of class taboot! (That's Vermonter for 'also') This one's for you Seth...
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    So about my package...

    I believe the image speaks for itself.
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    Ron Mueck

    This is a 'behind the scenes' of some pretty amazing, realistic, and surprisingly 'naked' sculpture. I can't imagine what this has to do with cigars, but I found it fascinating. You NYC-ers: The exhibition Ron Mueck is on view at the Brooklyn Museum, November 3, 2006–February 4, 2007, maybe I'll...
  19. mysterea

    Satan's contest!

    So I just noticed I'll be hitting the unholy post number soon, I figured ye olde tyme board could use another contest. You guys know the drill, whoever can guess the time / date of post 666 closest without going over gets a few smokes on me! (As in mailed to your house ladies, no need to...
  20. mysterea

    Friggin' interns

    I mean, why pay 'em more if they're just gonna screw up and lose 7.3% of all SSN's in Ohio, right? I only post this 'cause we've got alot of Ohio-ans around, and this could wind up screwing with thier credit. My dad just got whacked and would up...