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  1. Drew_Moberly

    Semper Fi

    Three reporters and a U.S. Marine were being held prisoner in a terrorist camp. The terrorist leader asked them what their last wishes were before they are executed. Katie Couric said, "Well, I'm a Southerner, so I'd like one last plate of fried chicken." The leader nodded to an underling who...
  2. Drew_Moberly

    Cigarpass Store

    Is anyone else having trouble getting to the store? Or am I just retarded and it is no longer around? I tried going to it from the link in this forum and from the link off the homepage. Just wondering b/c I was looking for a new humi and I would like to buy from the site again. Thanks.
  3. Drew_Moberly

    Happy B-Day

    mhelfe19(55), PuroBrat(99), MOMark(55), Draco(36), andrewhac(43), Crawdad(4), CatfishJohn(46), spyderman(40), MrMcleese(37), Cigar Elf(101), Bohemian Red(33), mc185(22), crucial_fiction(29), lrleslie(65), scaz(25), 7Enigma(26), hermit11(29) Happy B-day, all 17 of you Christ!
  4. Drew_Moberly

    Happy B-Day

    Happy birthday smoke a good one guys! Solomr2(44), mcoupe(40), BadKarma(44)
  5. Drew_Moberly

    Mafia Hit! Bosses 21st Birthday

    A few members of the Mafia will be hitting up the Outlaw on Saturday for my 21st birthday. The_Gurkha, Jeff B., and a few of my fraternity borthers. All CPers are welcome and we should be stopping by around 630 or 7. Immediately following that we will be headed to Zona Rosa to go to O'Douds and...
  6. Drew_Moberly

    I have returned.....

    To the members of CigarPass: I would like to apologize for my actions of late. I acted in a very immature and ridiculous manner. I neglected my responsibilities as an active member of an elite group of cigar smokers. I realized that I have destroyed the reputation I had established and hope...
  7. Drew_Moberly

    Happy Birthday Rob

    35 down and many more to go haha. I also see this as a sign to smoke a Padron 1926 #35 maddie, I don't know maybe its just me!
  8. Drew_Moberly

    I am a whore.....

    Post whore that is. I am at wonderful post number 500, woohoo. A contest is usually the norm so a contest i will have. Someone needs to tell me what movie this is from. The first correct response will get a lil fiver from myself. Only limitation is that the Mafia is unable to play. "I can...
  9. Drew_Moberly

    Happy Birthday KittyKat!

    Happy Birthday Bill. Hope you have a good smoke and a good day. Happy B-Day from the Mafia! Now just because you're nearing senility, don't get overly angry.
  10. Drew_Moberly

    Pre-Padron Herf!

    I was just seeing what interest we might have on Friday night getting together pre-padron on saturday. I was mainly interested in all those CP people that aren't from KC, seeing if you wanted to get together aroudn Zona Rosa for a herf. Please post if you'd be interested so we can maybe have a...
  11. Drew_Moberly


    To anyone that is in Vegas: I will be out there next week the 20th-24th and would like to get together with one or many of you guys. Just let me know which day works best bc im pretty carefree. I'm gonna be staying at the Flamingo so im center strip.
  12. Drew_Moberly

    Just got done smoking...

    Just got back from a little mini herf with the_gurkha. I enjoyed both my smokes the RP lived up to its name and maker to a T. It was a great little smoke that got me warmed up for the real treat, the Romeo and Julieta Cederos De Luxe #3. Great little ceadr wrapped smoke and rocked my socks. Got...
  13. Drew_Moberly

    There is a Hit out....

    Well boyos it seems a few us of in the "NWMSU Mafia" will be out and about collecting our dues and it appears yours are past due so we will be stopping by to crack some heads on Saturday. So far its me and the hitman(jeff b) but we might bring boomer and the gurkha as well. If anyone else wants...
  14. Drew_Moberly

    New JdN

    anyone had that new joya de nicaragua monstrosity? its like 6 x 50 or something outrageous like that? i picked one up today at the local and im just wondering if anyone else has had it.
  15. Drew_Moberly


    When: Wednesday the 28th @ 4:00 PM Where: Outlaw Cigar KCMO Who: bmcbee, drew, boomerman10, jeff b., the_gurkha, opusxkc, outlawsp, smokyballs.....whoever else is welcome its gonna be a damn fine party!!!! :sign:
  16. Drew_Moberly

    My Hats off

    Just got back from another glorious trip to Outlaw Cigar here in lovely KC and i must say hats off to these fine gentlemen. Always a good time at the store and thank you Brad, Scott, Dirick and Kendall for a great time watching the chumps....oops i mean Chiefs and recommending some great smokes...
  17. Drew_Moberly

    Im leaving for a while.....

    Alright boys its come to that point in the year when i once again venture down to Boy Scout Camp. I work there from the 3rd of June until the 12th of August......fortuneatly however I will be spending most the summer with BOTL Gurkha.......with that said i wish you all a good time.....Just so...
  18. Drew_Moberly

    Rocky Patel

    Great Cigar.....was influenced by a salesman at our local store.....the Criollo(SP?)Bellicoso was very good....held ash, was pretty strong bodied and just over all a great stick for 5$....i recommend! :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:
  19. Drew_Moberly

    CAO Brazillia

    Cigar Name: CAO Brazilia Anaconda (Sun Grown Brazillian) Purchase Price: $7.00 Cigar Size: 7x50 Torpedo Wrapper: Brazillian Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicarguan Appearance: HUGE and very intemidating perfecto Construction: AMAZING Burn: had a uneven burn for the most part that was kinda...
  20. Drew_Moberly

    Fuente Hemmingway Short Story

    Well in the beginning this cigar had much potential.....then disaster struck. About 2/3 of the way through the wrapper and binder decided to flake off shall we say.....needless to say i was very pissed off bc my friend Sammy was right there with me and his smoked perfectly fine. Either way it...