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  1. Josie whales

    Cigar oasis excel

    Looking to sell my cigar oasis excel. Anyone interested it’s only 2 months of use. It was over kill for my humidor hope I’m not breaking any rules here
  2. Josie whales

    Smart sensor x2

    just ordered another boveda smart sensor for my second humidor. This sensor really works well. I finally trust it no more need for hygrometers!
  3. Josie whales

    Harley Davidson

    any bikers in this forum who like to take a nice ride to a b&m to have a drink and a cigar?
  4. Josie whales

    Can anyone confirm?

    Damn did you get hurt in the military? That’s pretty much how it used to be when I was in
  5. Josie whales

    Today’s Smoke 2018

    Ahhhh today an oliva master blend 3 some jack Daniels while kicking back listening to gov’t mule oh what paradise
  6. Josie whales

    Blue Tooth Ear Buds

    I have the air pods from apple I really like them and they pretty well put. I use them at the gym and have no problems with them
  7. Josie whales

    My father 1922

    The only cigar I like from my father cigars is the judge
  8. Josie whales

    Oliva v double robusto

    I’m a big fan of oliva v and melanio they make great cigars at a good price.the draw is good the burn is sharp and flavorful. The padron and oliva are my favorite smokes
  9. Josie whales

    My father 1922

    I have smoked a few before buying a box and I thought they were good enough to buy a box but I must of got a bad box
  10. Josie whales

    My father 1922

    not impressed with this cigar! Bought a box over a year ago and not happy bad draw pepper flavor out powers the cigar just a bit of leather hard to keep lit. Maybe I got a bad box won’t buy them again. Just ranting. Thanks for listening.
  11. Josie whales

    Oliva v double robusto

    What are some thoughts on this stick
  12. Josie whales

    Humidor with glass side

    Just did the silicon did it on the outside applied a small amount it did smell but can’t smell it now hopefully it won’t get in the humidor now cigar Oasis isn’t turning on every 15 seconds
  13. Josie whales

    Humidor with glass side

    It’s counter tops display. I don’t want to open it that’s why I was asking if it’s cool to do it outside? Does the caulk have a smell to it?
  14. Josie whales

    Humidor with glass side

    any idea’s on how to get a better seal on a humidor with glass sides? I was thinking on aquarium caulk on the outside
  15. Josie whales

    Good Dog Henry crossed The Bridge . . . .

    Sorry for your loss I know how much it hurts. I still hear my Naja coming down the stairs in the morning while I’m getting ready for work. Until you see him again play hard Henry in that Big park in the sky. Ps. Say hi to Naja for me
  16. Josie whales

    Boveda Smart Sensor

    Yes it can up to 6
  17. Josie whales

    What Whiskey, Rum or Cognac are you drinking today.

    It’s always Jack Black label and water for me with hmmm stainless steel whiskey stones mmmmmm sooooo gooood
  18. Josie whales

    Boveda Smart Sensor

    I like it been testing for a week now and seems to nice not to open the lid just to check humidity and temperature
  19. Josie whales

    New jersey

    Don’t mind the distance always nice to jump on the bike and go