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    How to choose a cigar humidor? - Automatic Climate Controlled Cigar Cabinet

    How to choose a cigar humidor? As a professional manufacturer of cigar humidors, we suggest you to consider as the below aspects. 1. whether it is climate controlled or not, I meant, both constant temperature and humidity control. 2. Whether it uses the compressor cooling or electricity...
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    Real-time Live broadcast of a Precise Cigar Cabinet launched at IPCPR show

    Real-time Live broadcast of the situation of temp & humidity of the cigar cabinet, they are stable as a horizonal line.
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    Why we need a cigar humidor to keep our cigars fresh?

    Tobacco is a tropical plant. In order to maintain the characteristics, tobacco’s native environment must be recreated and maintained. The ideal storage condition for Cigars is, temperature of approximately 21 degrees Celsius and a humidity level of between 67-71%. Maintaining these levels is...
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    What kind of cigar humidor do you think the best?

    We're a cigar humidor factory in China, to offer a best storage solution for our customers, we'd like to know your ideas about your ideal cigar humidor. 1. Do you perfer the solid wood cigar humidor, acrylic or other materials? Or any other request on the materials? 2. When you chose a humidor...
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    New Raching Luxury Cigar Cabinet Humidor

    Our new cigar cabinet humidor just launched. Advantages: Stable temp & humidity control, the tolerance of the humidity control is within ± 1%, it is the most precise cigar humidity control in cigar humidor industry. Multiple temperature and humidity sensors double inspect temperature and...