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  1. Josie whales

    Cigar oasis excel

    Looking to sell my cigar oasis excel. Anyone interested it’s only 2 months of use. It was over kill for my humidor hope I’m not breaking any rules here
  2. Josie whales

    Smart sensor x2

    just ordered another boveda smart sensor for my second humidor. This sensor really works well. I finally trust it no more need for hygrometers!
  3. Josie whales

    Harley Davidson

    any bikers in this forum who like to take a nice ride to a b&m to have a drink and a cigar?
  4. Josie whales

    My father 1922

    not impressed with this cigar! Bought a box over a year ago and not happy bad draw pepper flavor out powers the cigar just a bit of leather hard to keep lit. Maybe I got a bad box won’t buy them again. Just ranting. Thanks for listening.
  5. Josie whales

    Oliva v double robusto

    What are some thoughts on this stick
  6. Josie whales

    Humidor with glass side

    any idea’s on how to get a better seal on a humidor with glass sides? I was thinking on aquarium caulk on the outside
  7. Josie whales

    New jersey

    Anyone from jersey here know a good cigar bar
  8. Josie whales

    Lost my best friend today

    My best friend passed away today! She will be missed.I’m talking about one of my dogs. She has been with me and my family for 14 years. Goodbye Naja we miss you