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  1. tasman

    Fresno, CA area

    I will be traveling to Fresno, CA for a few days to move some family members to Texas. Wondering if anybody lives near the area would like to grab a smoke? Not sure what is all there? Traveling on 21 April
  2. tasman

    Fire Cracker

    I get home from the hospital today and I have a little fire cracker in my mail box from Golfanatic in which I think it is from the NEWB war or something. I have been pretty busy with my grandson lately. So this was a nice package to come home to! Thanks Darin Most of you don't know my...
  3. tasman

    Any Saints fans out there

    Anyone want to put a premium 5er up against New England? I am pretty sure they play New England Monday night?
  4. tasman

    Back Surgery

    I found out yesterday that I have to have back surgery on 1 Oct. I have never had any kind of surgery let a lone on my back. The worse part of it all is that he said I cannot smoke any cigars for 3 months WTF. Looks like I need to plan for some premium cigars for this week. They talked about...
  5. tasman

    Damn Minneapolis Crew

    Long day at work and I come home I got the sampler from Issy and I thought it was safe to go in the house. Oh no of course not the wife had a box in the house already and it completely blew me away. You guys are top notch and I really appreciate it. Your days are numbered guys! It appears...
  6. tasman

    Joyas de Panama Cigars

    Has any one tried these? Joyas
  7. tasman

    Hemingway Madness

    I thought to myself if only there was a website that might have a close up picture of the three different types of hemingway's? Cameroon, Maduro and Sungrown I found this but was wondering if a Sungrown could be thrown in the picture?
  8. tasman


    I recently ordered an Avallo accumonitor and so patiently waiting on it :p . I go to the mail box hoping it was there and nothing but destruction! I received a phenominal package today! I have not found out who you are on the board yet but I am pretty sure I talked to your better half earlier...
  9. tasman

    A Little R&R for tasman

    I will be home for a little R&R and can't wait! I know who cares! :laugh: If you are in the area stop by The Tobacco Road in Arlington, TX and have a smoke! Not sure about food and things or cooking because of the weather, but I am up for what ever as long as I can drink! Gary just let me...
  10. tasman


    I know Gary doesn't mine helping me because I am deployed and all! But I just want to throw a little his way! The company he is working for is going through some rough times. You all know the deal pay cuts, people laid off and just barely making it! Well if you could send your prayers and...
  11. tasman

    No Mercy!

    I think I got this right, it has just been a great week for cigars! First of all thanks to every one who had a part in this! David (rwtarget) Phil (Insight) and a customer of Israel (Uptown_isy) bombed the hell out of me! What a great Christmas filled with some great cigars! The only thing...
  12. tasman

    Minnesota Crew

    Totally blown away! One hell of a package landed on my front porch today! That Minnesota crew hits hard and doesn't hold anything back! Very well done guys I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and the cigar buddies do too! You guys are one hell of crew and can't wait to get back and smoke...
  13. tasman


    Just wanted to send out a big THANKS to Rich, Wyatt and Brian (Jonesy). In the CP Make a Wish PIF thread Cajunblaze was granted a wish if he sent a selection of cigars to me. Now of course this is the doings of Jonesy and one of his master minds. Well done guys I just figured this deserved it on...
  14. tasman

    Sand Blasted

    I would like to send a shout out to Robbie and say THANKS! Just another day in the sandbox and everything is muddy and wet (Rainy Season) and the orderly room lets me know I have mail!! Yippie! I see a box that is normally identified that it might be cigars?? Yessss it is! Who is this? I don't...
  15. tasman

    Baghdad again

    Well tomorrow is the day one more time. Going to a very remote location this time and not sure when I will be able to get back on the board again. Hopefully not long enough to get DT withdrawals. Smoke them if you got them! :thumbs: Dean
  16. tasman

    Spam the Military

    --- On Sun, 6/1/08, Captain Scott Wright <> wrote: From: Captain Scott Wright <> Subject: Thanks for your mail To: Date: Sunday, June 1, 2008, 5:52 AM Thanks for your mail and for accepting my offer. I apologize for my late reply, it's due to...
  17. tasman


    Well I would like to think Rod and Cigar Pass for letting me be a part of this community! I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people and smoking some good cigars! Well in short a contest" No A$$hats at least 60 posts in good standing! I am judge and jury! You will get a nice...
  18. tasman


    I receive a package on Saturday and I wondering who the heck is Joe C_______? You think I would put a address book together or something! Yeh right it's me! So I am trying every kind of search function and nothing! I even PM'd a couple of BOTL's! Ok there is only one Joe that I know but in my...
  19. tasman


    I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and lot's of great smokes! It is your day! :thumbs:
  20. tasman


    Happy Birthday MC and wish you the best, are you really 90 years old?