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  1. cigarman1979

    Today's smoke III

    Rocky Patel Decade
  2. cigarman1979

    Cbid...What's your latest score?

    I remember those days. $200 went so fast. So did humidor space. 5 pack deals are a great way to find your likes!
  3. cigarman1979

    Good shops in Boulder/Denver area?

    Havana Manor is great, and very close to Boulder just of 36 in Louisville.
  4. cigarman1979

    New to cigars,looking for tips.

    Good advice here. My buddy is new to the leaf and is over anxious about finding the right cigar, learning the etiquette and so forth. For me it's about the experience. Where I was, who I was with. The cigar just adds to the memory.
  5. cigarman1979

    How many sticks do you give away a year?

    If it gets other friends and or family to smoke it's all worth, it's nice to think giving away a few dozen cigars could make a BOTL for life.
  6. cigarman1979


    Well I hesitate to out a retailer especially since they have been flawless for $1000's of dollars of purchases. But since they can't help, and I am insulted by their offer to throw in a freebie if I order again... As posted earlier it was from the Cigars International deal for the Double...
  7. cigarman1979


    Here's a picture of the smokes....
  8. cigarman1979


    Called the retailer this morning and they said there was nothing they can do. She did offer a freebie of some sort if I were to place an order with them again (not likely). I tried to argue my point that even the purchase was in May the cigars were sent with beetles it just took time to reach...
  9. cigarman1979


    I cleaned up my coolerdor and put it down in the basement. Must have gotten warm because I checked it tonight (3 weeks later) and disaster. It's the only box that had any evidence of beetles, but wish it hadn't been that box. I purchased these back in May of 2008, and for the beetles to show...
  10. cigarman1979

    San Cristobal de La Habana

    A bad streak of luck atuck, first the RP's now the San Cristobal. From my limited experience with this marca no problems, but I've never attempted to smoke them in a cold dry climate.
  11. cigarman1979

    Whats Your Latest Puchase

    A box of A. Fuente Hemingway Signature from the local B&M.
  12. cigarman1979

    What is your favorite small Sungrown?

    No Ashton makes the VSG the rest is the name/size.
  13. cigarman1979

    Suggestions when visiting Guam

    I'm heading to Guam to meet the USS Nimitz for duty. Any one, especially you fellow squids have any recommendations for a nice cigar lounge. The Cigar Corner at the Hyatt looks nice? Atmosphere and authenticity at the top of my list. If you wish not to share experiences here please PM for...
  14. cigarman1979

    How do you keep track of it all?

    Did the same thing yesterday. I received a La Aurora Sapphire in a newbie trade, and didn't realize what it was. Found it while digging in my coolerdor. What a nice treat that was.
  15. cigarman1979

    Losing patience...a bunch of questions.

    I was getting very frustrated too. I was almost fanatical about checking humidity and temp. I had a cigar mentor tell me not too worry to much about it. If they smoke fine and stay close to the recommended 70/70 don't sweat it. Basically he said don't let cigar smoking be all about...
  16. cigarman1979

    Wham, Bam, WOAM...

    Had my first WOAM last night! Very good cigar, had some spice, and great thick smoke. The appearance of these smokes are great.
  17. cigarman1979

    Is this legit?

    I received my $1 cigar in the mail today. Can't tell you what it is, but I'm sure I'll love it.
  18. cigarman1979

    Want to try a Tat

    Tim the P Series White Label is a Medium to medium full. It's certainly not as dynamic as the Havana VI or Cabinet but worth a try.