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    LP9 and T52 deals

    PM for pricing.
  2. J

    Discounts on Lost City, GoF Ceramic Jars, Opus X

    PM for pricing. Also available: Illusione Singulare 2010 T52 Flying Pigs Dirty Rats LP 9s Padron 1964 Anniversary Tatuaje Boris and Dracs
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    This is closed.

    Pete doesn't want the price advertised. I like Pete, so I took down the price.
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    This is closed.

    Advertising prices is getting me too much hassle.
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    New Company

    All, I have decided to live the dream and open a cigar company. The company is a new approach to the internet cigar business, combining impossible and hard to find cigars with everyday brand name cigars that are the cheapest anywhere on the web. Below is the pitch, but feel free to contact me to...
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    Question for all

    This may sound weird, but I thought I remembered a member here by the name of whodeeni or houdeni or something. Am I crazy?
  7. J

    Lost City Full Humi

    PM me for info. This didn't work out last time cause the buyer dint want the humi, just the sticks.
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    Remaining Spooky Ticket Locations

    According to Pete, as of today, these states have an unclaimed ticket still. Pete Johnson: Okay here's a good hint. MN, NH, CO, NV, CA, VA
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    Golden Ticket (Spooky Ticket)

    I actually got a spooky ticket! Wish me luck everyone.
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    Anybody up for a HERF in San Fran or Napa?

    I am going to be on vacation the 22-30th of this month. I will be with my father in-law and my Marine Corp friend. Looking to see if anybody is up in that area and available for a herf. If not, could someone point me in the direction of a nice shop/lounge up there? Thanks
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    Question about Old ISOMs

    I just purchased a a handful of the Davidoff No. 1 and No. 2s, as well as a handful of the H. Upmann Supremas for Dunhill (they look really, really old) from a guy at my lounge who is quitting smoking. I paid 40 a piece for them. I was wondering if this was a legit purchase on my part or if I...
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    This is a hilarious youtube video by It sums up a lot of posts I see across all the forums (not specifically here). You will laugh out loud if you spend any time on forums. -funniest song...
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    San Cristobal / Ashton Event in Chicago Tonight

    It is at Blue Havana in Chicago off Belmont and Clark. Ask for Mike A. if you can make it. Friday night from 6-9:30pm
  14. J

    CAO Odyssey Humidor

    I came across a cigar store that said they have a 30 count humidor of CAO Odyssey. I don't remember them being sold in anything but 10 pack boxes, but wanted to see if it was something I was just not aware of. Anybody heard of this?
  15. J

    CAO Event in Chicago Tonight

    It is at Blue Havana in Chicago, off Belmont and Clark. If anybody is interested, just ask for Mike from one of the workers. Hope to see you there. I know it is extremely short notice.....
  16. J

    Buy 1 Get One of Lots of Brands

    ***Forgive the repost. I was a dumb little noob and put this is the wrong forum at first ****** The B&M I frequent is having a good special on some of their stock. I thought they were good deals and wanted to share with everyone if they were interested. The store is called Cigary in Wilmette...
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    Buy 1 Get 1 on lots of inventory

    The B&M I frequent is having a good special on some of the stock. I thought they were good deals and wanted to share with everyone if they are interested. The store is called Cigary in Wilmette, IL. The contact info is 847-256-7676. They will ship anywhere and don't charge tax on out of state...
  18. J

    La Aurora Tasting in Chicago

    There is a La Aurora tasting tonight at Blue Havana on Clark and Belmont in Chicago. Free cigar and drinks and snacks for all. If anyone goes, try to find me. Goes till 10pm
  19. J

    100 Gran Habanos of your choice for $100

    The BM near me is running a really good deal on GH. Buy a box of 25 (any kind) for regular price (100) and get 25 (any kind) for free. PM is you are interested.
  20. J

    Patel Tasting in Chicago

    There is a Rocky Patel tasting the first Friday of May in Chicago. If anybody is interested, let me know.