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  1. sar127

    Moving to northern Jersey!

    Yup, making my move from Texas all the way to northern New Jersey this month. Found a nice place in West Orange for now and I'll be bringing my car. Any tips, tricks or advice on living, sightseeing and traveling around there? Much appreciated!
  2. sar127

    Any experience with car air purifier ionizers?

    I ran across this today and know nothing about it but I did like the price enough to consider it. Any thoughts? I have a midsize car with cloth seats in which I don't smoke but the smoke smell from my clothes still linger in the car.
  3. sar127

    Padron 50th Anniversary Singles

    Just FYI - singles are available for $106 at Serious Cigars for whoever's interested.
  4. sar127 Quesada Oktoberfest Deal - Now Live

    I don't know how good the prices are but it's a chance to get the Event Only Quesada Salomon Press and some swag.   In the Order's Comment Box please put: Rob Forum [sharedmedia=gallery:images:12163]  
  5. sar127

    Padron 50th event in Houston

    Hey guys, I know there's a lot of CPers from the surrounding Houston area that we barely see, hoping this can be a reason to get everyone together for a herf. Already got some CPers joining us from around the state. National Padron 50th Launch with Jorge Padron in attendance Serious Cigars...
  6. sar127

    Six free Cigar Aficionado issues

    For those that may want to just try it out.
  7. sar127

    What are your favorite Anejo sizes?

    So it's my first year really being able to sample a variety of Anejos and it was a lot of fun. Though many were enjoyable, I came to realize that not all of them peaked my interest quite the same way. So it just made me curious as to what everyone else thought. All the ones I had were fresh...
  8. sar127

    Ethnic grilled dish ideas?

    I don't cook much so it's hard for me to recognize a good recipe when I see one online, so I was hoping someone here had some solid standbys they'd be willing to share. The recipes I've found on this forum so far are: Grilled Shrimp Herradura Anejo, Steak Chimmichuri, Carne Asada, and Chicken...
  9. sar127

    Free Tapatalk forum app for Android

    Amazon promo:       Of course you need to have the Amazon App Store application on your phone first...
  10. sar127

    LP Velvet Rat contest through Halfwheel

    I'm not sure if it's ok to post things like this here so just let me know if it's not. Just figured that the many DE fans here may appreciate this if they haven't seen it already. Ending tomorrow! If you would like to win a...
  11. sar127

    Zacapa 23 cigar pairing ideas?

    Finally got my first "real" rum, after reading through many of the threads I decided on the Zacapa 23. So before I crack it open, I was hoping people could share their favorite cigars to pair with this drink. Some have mentioned spicy sticks but didn't specify which. I don't personally have many...
  12. sar127

    Louis C.K. standup tour 2012

    Louis' tickets are on sale now, $45 including tax for every seat in every city! Front row middle seat currently available in my town. IMO he's a fantastic comedian in league with Chappelle/Carlin and the like, so I definitely recommend checking him out if he's a stranger to you. The great...
  13. sar127

    Scotch Pronunciation Video

    Cool video I just ran across on the Esquire site with actor Brian Cox pronouncing a list of 40+ scotches. http://www.esquire.c...9#v963655829001 Edit: Apologies, this is a repost, just found it linked here