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  1. LarryH

    Jose L. piedra Blend

    I've smoked a lot these over the years. They've always been a good inexpensive consistent smoke and one I would go to when I needed a confirmation that my taste wasn't off. The sticks from last box that I bought have been subpar. I've even thought I tasted the cheap NC profile that I never...
  2. LarryH

    WARNING! Win 10 Forced Upgrade

    Careful Brothers and Sisters. Microsoft is trying to force the Win 10 upgrade on any Win 7/8 system with Automatic Updates turned on. I caught mine at 6% and forced a shutdown. I found a little app download called Never10 that seems to have done the trick. I have no affiliation and of course...
  3. LarryH

    Buena Vista at Bestcigarprices for $16.99

    Hey Brothers, I just ordered 3 - 10 count boxes from for $16.99 each plus shipping. These are the short Churchill and petit piramide. I'm not associated with them just passing on the deal. Larry
  4. LarryH

    Finally Took The Plunge

    Trying a pipe has been on my mind for months.  A couple of recent comments about pipe smoking made me finally take the plunge.  First the idea that pipes are cheaper (or can be) than cigars in the long run and second is being able to tailor the smoke to the length of time available.  Then about...
  5. LarryH

    My Boss was Pissed...

    When he found out that it was my fault that our mail box was blown to smithereens.  Fortunately we are short handed so my job is safe for now.   Eric (Setharsis), Thank You very much!  I will indeed enjoy them.
  6. LarryH

    Minneapolis and Ames IA the 26th Thru 30th

    I'll be flying in to Minneapolis on Monday the 26th and driving down to Ames.  I may be able to meet up there that evening for an hour or so.   I'll start driving back to Minneapolis late Tuesday afternoon  so I probably won't have time to meet up that evening.  Thursday afternoon and evening...
  7. LarryH

    New Yorker Article on the Rise of Craft Beer

    I thought a lot of you would find this interesting too.  The interactive map is pretty cool.
  8. LarryH

    The last thing I remember...

    was cruising down the hill toward my mailbox before waking up half submerged in the pond across the road.  If it had only been one well placed USPS package I might have just been blown out of the car but there was no way these two packages.   We all know who the mystery bomber is supposed to be...
  9. LarryH

    Warning to the Board about an "Old" New Vendor

    I received an unsolicited email today from about their new website.  I PM'd Rod and the box split group I'm in and was informed that it's a revamped '1001' who made off with a lot of money during the 2010 fiasco.  They've done it once so the chances they'll do it again are "better...
  10. LarryH

    ATF Tobacco Auction for Licensed Dealers Only

    I receive emails on a regular basis from the Treasury Department about government auctions. This appears to be a huge auction of over 260 pallets of seized tobacco products. I looked at some of the lots and thought that they could be of interest to our retailers. Most are the White owl and...
  11. LarryH

    HERF Alert in Little Rock

    Hi All, For those of you in central Arkansas I'll be hanging out with a few friends at West End Smoke House this Friday evening (9/6/12) starting at about 6PM. I hope to meet some of you there. Larry
  12. LarryH

    Can We HERF? Lexington/Louisville

    I'm making a long journey for work visiting several clients or potential clients before finishing the tour at our clients facility in Bardstown on Saturday. I'll be leaving Cleveland Tennessee sometime on Thursday and driving into the Lexington area. I'll be staying in the Lexington area...
  13. LarryH

    Grapes Grains and Growls in NLR, AR

    This is a wine and beer festival to be held in North Little Rock from 4PM-8PM on Saturday August the 27th. There will be over 100 different beers and 100 different wines to sample. The purpose is to raise funds for the North Little Friends of Animals. What a lot of the participants will be...
  14. LarryH

    2011 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

    A friend thought of me when she saw this and posted it on my FB page. I immediately thought of all my libation loving Brothers and Sisters here and had to share. They don't get to the good stuff until about half way down. :love: 2011 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Disclaimer: I don't know...
  15. LarryH

    New/Active Content

    I've tried both IE and Firefox and both are the same. Neither "Today's active content" nor "View New Content" actually produce more than about the past 12 hours worth of content. I also tried using "week" with "Today's active content" and it returned the same results as 24 hours. The longer...
  16. LarryH

    New Orleans Mardi Gras HERF

    I'm driving down to New Orleans on Saturday, arriving late afternoon and will be there until Wednesday at least. Sunday afternoon should be a good time for me to get together with anyone interested although I wouldn't rule out any other day. It would be great to meet some of the BOTL/SOTL. I...
  17. LarryH

    Nashville Cigar Dinner

    I'll be driving to Nashville on Friday to hopefully attend The Big Smoke. My Brother is involved in that he will be discussing the wines and spirits that will be served and gets his meal for free. I believe the cost is $70 but I couldn't find it anywhere in the advertising. If you're...
  18. LarryH

    AF FLOR FINA 8-5-8 Sun Grown

    I smoked this stick on Tuesday night. I new it was a higher end stick than the regular Arturo Fuente green label but am not sure which it is. If someone could comment on what it was I would appreciate it. Sorry there aren’t pictures of the cigar but I didn't think to take one before I started...
  19. LarryH

    Wrapper Wouldn't Burn

    Last night I attempted to smoke a Pinar Del Rio Oscuro Toro that I purchased in September. My first indication that there was a problem was when I couldn't get the wrapper to burn during light up. I mean it simply wouldn't turn to ash even after putting the torch flame on it. As I attempted...
  20. LarryH

    Music City Herf

    I make it to Nashville about three times a year to visit my Brother and thought it would be great to get to meet some of you guys there. Maybe you can even convince my brother to finally get on board, The Board. For Saturday we can get together in the posh new lounge above and part of...