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  1. LarryH

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. In this case it’s my little Brother and local smoking buddy.
  2. LarryH

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    Heading on over to my dinner groups Zoom room.
  3. LarryH

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    I’ll be on (or is it in) for a bit starting as soon as I figure out how. 😊
  4. LarryH

    Happy birthday LarryH

    Thanks John, Just pulled in so many different directions these days it’s hard to keep up with everything. I did enjoy the Zoom Zoom room. I’ll have to try to remember to join again soon. And thanks to all for the Birthday wishes.
  5. LarryH

    Happy birthday LarryH

    Thanks everyone!
  6. LarryH

    CigarPass Virtual Cigar Lounge

    I’m on.
  7. LarryH

    Happy Birthday, CigarPass! You just turned 20!!!

    Happy Birthday CigarPass! 🎂🎉 Thank You Rod for all of your hard work and especially your integrity!
  8. LarryH

    Lotus Orion L52 Lighter

    Vector and Xicar are good. Used to be at least 4X filtered. The most recent I bought claims 14X. 🤔
  9. LarryH

    Lotus Orion L52 Lighter

    Best advice I can give you is to use high quality butane. All I use is POS lighters and some are at least 3 or 4 years old. I generally have 3 or 4 in my Herf-A-Dor.
  10. LarryH

    Bourbon Trail Advice

    I did Four Roses, WT, and Woodford in what seems like about half a day but maybe it was longer. I think the drives were about 15 to 20 minutes each. Woodford was cool because it’s such a small distillery. They rolled the barrels from the barrel house to the bottling line by hand. :)
  11. LarryH

    When Will Cuba Invest in Cigars?

    I smoked my first cigar on a trip to the beach with my little Brother in July of 2007. I'm sure it was horrible since it came out of the counter top humidor at the hotel's poolside bar. Of course I thought it was great hanging out on the beach, drinking beer and smoking a cigar with my Brother...
  12. LarryH

    When Will Cuba Invest in Cigars?

    Hey, I resemble that remark. ;)
  13. LarryH

    Cigar disposal

    I toss mine into planters or the bushes. The plants love them too! There's not usually much left though. ;)
  14. LarryH

    No Premium Cigar FDA Exemption

    C, I believe that data already exists on this board.
  15. LarryH

    Beer Pairing with Cigars

    One of my favorites is Belhaven Wee Heavy. I don't care for hoppy beers and the few times I've had one with a cigar, the bitterness transferred to the cigar. I pay no attention to the "dark beers in winter, light beers in summer" rule. :p Of course you can get light colored malty beers.
  16. LarryH

    Anyone mining?

    I haven't checked in a while. Entergy's here in Little Rock is a bit over $0.10/KWH. Edited for spelling.
  17. LarryH

    Stouts are coming into season

    Yes, unfortunately there are only 4 stout seasons.
  18. LarryH

    Feast of Uppsala Contest Thread~

    Hey, that's Darren Cioffi!
  19. LarryH

    When You See It......

    It's a Copperhead. I read somewhere the other day that they are mildly poisonous. :)
  20. LarryH

    When You See It......

    Was it chilly? I'm trying to figure out how he didn't get bit. They're not quite as nasty as a Cottonmouth but close.