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  1. Nimrod

    Happy Centennial Communists

    Happy Centennial you communists. I bet you are thinking it would have worked if it was implemented differently. Whatever Punk Lawyer .
  2. Nimrod

    Do you guys Eat Right For Your Blood Type?

    Eat Right For Your Blood Type    
  3. Nimrod


    Just wanted to say the goalie helmet looks cool.  That bronze/gold sticks out.  The Boston uniform in general is lame.
  4. Nimrod

    Last 4 standing are the last 4 who won the Stanley

    I'm happy to see the Kings and BlackHawks make it this far.   As for the season, I didn't watch a single regular game.  Was it the strike?  Partially.   I had no idea they started playing again.     Where are the King fans?
  5. Nimrod

    Kings vs. Devils

    First the Blackhawks won the cup, not since 61. Then the Bruins won, not since 72. Is it now the Kings turn? Could this be their year? Watching the game, the Kings are horrible at running the circuit. Just awful. Is it no wonder why their Power Play statistic is zero. Or how about the...
  6. Nimrod


    "You're out in a forest looking for buried treasure. You get hungry. Sure, you could eat berries, but they may be poisonous. Solution: Tacocopter."
  7. Nimrod

    Go Cleveland

    1st and a couple yards to go for a TD and you can't make it! :0 You deserve to lose.
  8. Nimrod

    Spammer. Do you get them too?

    hanschwanz * Group: Members * Posts: 0 * Joined: Today, 09:36 AM Sent Today, 09:38 AM Can someone from your site please contact me about your forum space? I am a business development associate for the Google Ventures backed VigLink. We are deeply rooted in the forum and blog...
  9. Nimrod

    Angry Birds

    It took all of 3 minutes to get addicted to this. No need to buy an Apple stuff to get it. Now it is ready for Windows7. At $4.99. Stay away from this if you need more time in your life.
  10. Nimrod

    Great item to get for Christmas

    Found on Amazon. Click me. The comments on it are awesome :thumbs:
  11. Nimrod

    18 game season

    The winner of the 18 game season will have little to do how well they played during the 18 games. The winner will be who survived with the lowest injuries.
  12. Nimrod

    Opus Perfecxion X

    Working all day today. When there was a break in the action. The database needed changes. Enough time to lite up a good smoke. Torched the foot and immediately I could tell this cigar was different than all others. It had a different smell to it. Decent draw and good flavors with a Hint of...
  13. Nimrod

    Ramón Allones

    Beli or Torp? Thank you very much Rod for sending me this cigar. The cigar was plugged, but I took MadMonk's technique of sticking the poker inside then leaving it over night. It cleared it enough to be smokable. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would have even more if it was not hard to puff...
  14. Nimrod

    Oliva S

    Oliva S Toro 5 x 50 From their website Wrapper - Ecuador Binder, Filler - Nicaragua. Oliva says this cigar is "Velvety, creamy,spicy...mild to medium in strength". rating - 89 Oliva Special S Churchill - Cigar Insider rating - 5 stars Oliva Speical S Diadema 7 x 48 European Cigar Cult...
  15. Nimrod

    NFL on the internet

    Looked at yesterday and somewhere I clicked a link that sent me to live video of the game. The url had in it. Did anyone see that or watched it? About 8 pm PST, my internet went south and when it finally came back up again, 40 minutes later :angry: , I tried to watch the...
  16. Nimrod


    Hey Rod. Where are all the sponsors? All I see is CigarSwag. Why is the SPONSORS menu empty? It is nothing but pure blackness.
  17. Nimrod

    Can a beetle eat the entire cigar?

    I have or had two brown Tatuaje cigars in my humidor. Or at least I thought I had two. One was from winning in poker and another from a herf. I smoked one last night, and for the life of me, I can not find the other. I searched high and low in my humidor. So, my question is: can a beetle eat...
  18. Nimrod

    Herf at the DoubleTree SouthernCal Group

    Herf at the DoubleTree Hotel in Southern California. I had my first OpusX which was gifted to me from Jon. The cigar was excellent right from the first puff. No fires this time. Instead we had rain. The high RH% made the cigars go out constantly, but we still had a great time.
  19. Nimrod

    A Dozen Fine Cigars for the Holiday I never heard of Casa Magna or Mi Dominicana. Edit: oops. wrong forum.
  20. Nimrod

    Home field advantage in the NFL

    Anyone noticed this week? 7 teams lost on their own field. Care to comment? All I can say, it must be real hard to bet on football. I am glad I do not.