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  1. CRQuarto

    1st Annual Casa Quarto Herf (SoCal Orange County)

    Joe, it was an absolute pleasure having you there. You are more than welcome to return for all our future parties!
  2. CRQuarto

    1st Annual Casa Quarto Herf (SoCal Orange County)

    We will have food and drinks covered, only thing I would recommend is to bring a comfy folding chair with you. We have a decent amount of seating but it won't be enough most likely. I'll PM you the address tomorrow when I get the final head count off of Facebook.
  3. CRQuarto

    1st Annual Casa Quarto Herf (SoCal Orange County)

    It's all good, eventually we will link up!
  4. CRQuarto

    1st Annual Casa Quarto Herf (SoCal Orange County)

    Absolutely open invite, hope to see you there!
  5. CRQuarto

    1st Annual Casa Quarto Herf (SoCal Orange County)

    Got a few of you guys on Facebook going, any other takers?
  6. CRQuarto

    1st Annual Casa Quarto Herf (SoCal Orange County)

    When: July 16th, Saturday @ 5 PM Where: North Orange County (address will be PM'd to attendees Hey folks! Long time no see. Life has been super busy (new position at work, kid, bought a house), so I've been absent aside from keeping in contact on Facebook with some of you. We've been hard...
  7. CRQuarto

    Just checking in...

    I still have my pipe, it's going to be getting some use this summer, for certain. Doc, you never really stops? Hey, glad to hear it! Best wishes to you guys Ben.
  8. CRQuarto

    Just checking in...

    Those little tiny teeth are sharp as hell! Hey, it's rough not being able to enjoy all thing things I used to, at least not with nearly as much frequency, but it is soooo worth it.
  9. CRQuarto

    Just checking in...

    Everyone tells you how much work infant kids are, how you will sell your kidney to pay for formula and diapers... Liars. You can't even exaggerate about it. Holy shit. That being said, the munchkin hit six months old this week, which is hard to believe. It's been a looooong six months...
  10. CRQuarto

    Padron 50th Anniversary Singles

    While I haven't had the luxury of smoking the new 50th's, I can confidently say the thousand series patties are smoking great. I've only had one 26 recently, and it too was excellent. Fuentes continue to smoke like Fuentes for me, which is to say excellent. I seriously hope the quality of both...
  11. CRQuarto

    A great day...

    Congrats Billy, that kid is blessed being born into such great parents.
  12. CRQuarto

    Girl Gun Help

    M&P Shield and a good basic pistol class.
  13. CRQuarto

    Any Hikers out there?

    I'm a backpacker, love it and miss it when I'm not doing it!
  14. CRQuarto

    OPUS X BBMF 2009

    Great review brother!
  15. CRQuarto

    Headed to Vegas next month, what to do?

    Cigar Box is a killer B&M. Great prices and selection.
  16. CRQuarto

    Tatuaje pudgy monsters!

    I just wish he would release the frank in it's original glory again. THAT was a great cigar.
  17. CRQuarto

    Well, I give up.

    Nope. I have no damn clue where my other cutter went. Sucks! :(
  18. CRQuarto

    14 years already...

    Thank you Rod!
  19. CRQuarto

    Father Day Smokes

    Is it bad juju to celebrate before the kid is born? He's not due to pop until October!