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  1. dav1041

    RTDA Email Link!

    Just got this link on my email. It's pretty easy to compose and send an email to your Senators and the Big man himself! :thumbs: Just enter your zip code and go! RTDA Action Alert
  2. dav1041

    Prayers for JHawk

    Jon's father in-law passed away yesterday. Please keep Jon and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
  3. dav1041

    Another retailer goes down the tubes

    I've purchased from here before, great service, no problems....then they had to go gouging Anejo's :( . Guess I won't be ordering from then anymore, their loss. Jack Schwartz
  4. dav1041

    Brother Bomb

    Not only did I get hit once......but twice! Mark Twain destroyed my mailbox and then his brother Young_Smoke decided to get in on the action and hit a guy when he was down. I see how you guys play....and IT'S DIRTY! :angry: You guys are both top notch! :thumbs: Thanks for the awesome bag...
  5. dav1041

    OutlawD and Smokyballs

    Just wanted to throw out a big Thanks to these guys. You truely know how to make a brothers day!!!!!! The kindness and generosity you guys show is truly amazing :blush: . Whenever work slows down I'll be in to smoke with you guys :thumbs: . Thanks Again, Dave
  6. dav1041

    Go K-State

    Kansas State Scoreboard (Nov. 11) 4 Texas (9-2) 42 Kansas State (7-4) 45 recap | Daily Line +16 Aaaaahhhhhhh..........I wish we could play like that all the time! :)
  7. dav1041

    Opus X Fuente Fuente

    Had my very first Opus X experience a few weeks ago, and reading Ginseng’s review brought it all back. I choose the Fuente Fuente for my first, which had been resting in my humi for about 6 months now, mostly because I was recently able to pick one up to replace the one I smoked :thumbs: . I...
  8. dav1041

    Watch out for Spoof's

    Watch out Guys, I just got a spoof email that looked as real as they can get. The email stated it was from "paypal", the subject was "Receipt for your payment". The email was a receipt confirming payment from my email address to some bogus email address for $121.17 with good detail. This thing...
  9. dav1041

    How much $$$$$$ do you spend?

    Ok guys, time to fess-up, and get a brother out of the doghouse! :( How much money do you spend a month on cigars? Hopelessly trying to get the wife off my back, without giving up a chunk of the monthly cigar bill! :p
  10. dav1041

    Hygrometer Question

    I have two digital Hygrometers in my coolidor. One Oregon Scientific (wireless sensor) and one humiGAUGE™ 'Perfecto' Cigar-Shaped Hygrometer. I was going to place one on the bottom and one towards the lid of the coolidor. I salt tested both, the Oregon Scientific was 73%/74% and the...
  11. dav1041

    Indian Tabac

    Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Robusto Grande, anyone care to comment? Is it good, bad, ok, or terrible? Just bought some and I was wondering. Thanks :D
  12. dav1041

    Wrapper Cracking?

    On the last couple of cigars I have had, out of my humi, the wrapper has cracked while smoking, right in the middle of the cigar :angry: . On one it didn't seem to effect the cigar much, but on the other, the draw was hard and it didn't seem like I was getting much smoke(until I got past the...
  13. dav1041


    Hello All, I have been aimlessly wondering around the site for awhile now and decided to finally say Hi. I am definitely a newbie and haven’t a clue. But, I want to learn as much as possible. I also am going to have to partake in the newbie sampler trade, it looks fantastic. But, I’m going...