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  1. bilder

    2005 La Gloria Cubana Series R Humidor w/Cigars

    The local cigar shop is going out of business. The taxes, laws and such got to them and they will be shutting down very soon. This shop has been around in one form or another for over 45 years. Sad to see it go, but I am hoping that a new improved shop will arise from the ashes. Yet another...
  2. bilder

    Question for you fitness types- Protein powder

    Been working out at the gym and watching what I eat. Was not sure I would like the gym, but am actually enjoying it and look forward to going. Have dropped 8 pounds in the last 14 days and I really do not feel like I am trying all that hard. Anyway, I have changed my eating habits to several...
  3. bilder

    Planet Fitness- Anyone a member?

    Anyone here belong to Planet Fitness? Thinking of joining up to work off some of the flab this winter. A couple locations opened up here this summer and the price is very affordable at 20 bucks a month. Just wondering if anyone had any personal experience with them. Thanks.
  4. bilder

    Meers for sale

    The shop is clearing out some of the meers we have in stock. I will post some of them here as time permits. They are all solid block meer and come with cases. Made in Turkey. Owner bought them straight from the carver while there last year. This first one is $80 delivered in the USA. Will...
  5. bilder

    Source for pipt tobacco tins?

    Looking to find a company that sells the round tins pipe tobacco comes in. The tins Dunhill and the like comes in. Been looking, but cannot find exactly the kind needed. Anyone know a place that sells this style of tin?
  6. bilder

    This is what beetles can do....

    We got new lockers at the shop and in the process of moving folks from the old ones we found out that a few folks have not been keeping an eye on their sticks. One locker in particular had a massive beetle attack. These are just a couple of photos of the damage. The guy lost his entire stash...
  7. bilder

    2005 La Gloria Cubana Serie R Humidor w/cigars

    We have in the shop number 001 out of 700 of the limited edition 2005 humidors with cigars. Currently listed at $1800 (taxes), but if anyone is interested, send me a PM and I will talk to the owner and see what kind of a deal we can make. Mike
  8. bilder

    Like a kid in a candy store

    Landed a part time gig at a cigar shop in town. Will help to pay the bills between auctions and I am having fun at the same time. There should be a law against getting paid to do what you love. :thumbs:
  9. bilder

    TSA regs on cutters and lighters

    Need some clarification from you guys who travel. Cigar cutters and punches are ok for carry on? Is this right? Also, are soft flame lighters allowed again?
  10. bilder

    Laptop suggestions

    Well my old Compaq finally bit the dust over the weekend, so it is time to buy a new laptop computer. Been awhile since I bought a new one and have no idea what brands are considered the good ones these days. What would you all suggest for a laptop in the $500-$1000 range?
  11. bilder

    I am now an umemployed bum....

    On my final shift as an airline employee. Been working here most of my adult life. Kinda sad to go, but I am looking forward to what lay ahead. Just wish I could get in some cigars and a nice drink today, but I think the wife and kids have other plans in store for my first day of being...
  12. bilder

    For those of you looking for WOAM or Anjeos....

    Check out Tampa Sweethearts. Called today to order a bundle of the Tampa Sweetheart line and asked about the rare sticks. Picked up the limit of 4 WOAM's ($7.99 ea.) and a couple of Anjeo Sharks. Darlene said that they have all the Anjeo's in stock at the moment, limit is 2 each if I remember...
  13. bilder

    Well it is official!

    Well as some of you know I took an early out offer with the airline I work for. I have been given my official final day of December 19th. A couple weeks earlier than I wanted, but it is a nice Christmas present and I will not complain. Reality is starting to kick in now. A bit scared for the...
  14. bilder

    Would you?

    Seems you can buy cigars infused with that rarest of coffee. Google Kopi Luwak and then ask yourself this question: Would you try one?
  15. bilder

    Durango Pipe Tobacco Cigars

    Came across these the other day: Something to consider or too close to Acid cigars?
  16. bilder

    Chap Magazine

    Found this site through another forum. An interesting read. Wonder how such a concept would fare in the USA?
  17. bilder

    Well I went and did it

    I have officially accepted the early out offer by my employer. Last day of work will be in early January. I go to North Carolina for auctioneer school in February followed by ringman's school in Missouri. Besides getting into the auctioneer business we are starting up a vending business...
  18. bilder

    Three Nuns

    Finally bit the bullet and bought a few tins of Three Nuns. Should arrive from Switzerland in a week or two. Lets hope that what was good enough for C.S Lewis is good enough for me. Review to follow shortly after it gets here.
  19. bilder

    Prayers and happy thoughts please

    I have a decision to make in the next few weeks. I work in the airline industry, which is not the best place to be right now. Anyway, I have been offered an early out package by the airline. I could take it and walk out of here with 6 months pay, medical benefits for 6 months and...
  20. bilder

    Hat styles

    What style of hat would look good on a short chubby guy? I have been a ball cap guy since I was a teen, but these days I am thinking of changing my choice of headgear. Been trying to think of what style of hat would look good on me, but I am a complete idiot when it comes to style. Any of...