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  1. geldor1

    NYE bonfire

    Getting ready to head out for our annual NYE bonfire. Wishing everyone a safe & Happy New Year. :) :)
  2. geldor1

    My grandson

    Born this morning at 7:00 am. After 10 hours of labor, the Doctor decided it best for both my daughter and grandson to preform a c-section. Both are doing fine. Emmett Chase, just moments old. Gramps, holding my first grandbaby
  3. geldor1

    Soon to be single

    Well, I finally got off my ass this week and contacted a law firm to file for an uncontested divorce. There is a Florida law firm that will prepare all the paperwork, file the papers and represent me in court so that we don't even have to show up. All for a flat fee of $399 plus the filing...
  4. geldor1

    Latest Toy

    Wife moved out, she just bought a new car, so I said 'What The Hell!!'. 2008 Anniversary Edition, #4954 of 5000 with only 5960 miles when I rode it off the lot. I traded in my 2007 Honda Shadow 1100. This is the model that I have always wanted.
  5. geldor1

    Anybody need a new 2010 PDR

    I have access to several new 2010 PDR's in hardback. I thought the wife could use them at work but she said that she doesn't need them. If anyone could use one let me know. Just cover the postage and I'll ship it out however you like. EDIT: All 3 of them have been spoken for. If I get my...
  6. geldor1

    Anybody esle have search issues with Google

    Seems like this just started several minutes ago. I was surfing earlier and didn't get this message. No matter what I search for, the results come back with a message that the site is hazardous to my system. If I click on the site it just goes to a Google Malware warning page. I have tried...
  7. geldor1

    FIOS Triple Play

    Looks like the finally finished laying the lines in the neighborhood for FIOS. Been going to Verizon's web site checking and they were still saying its coming. Found a card hanging on the mailbox. :thumbs: Made a call and have an installation date for Tuesday 9-11. Woo Hoo..... Getting FIOS...
  8. geldor1

    I can't ever complain again

    Just found out about this guy in an email my Mom sent me. Nick Vujicic was born without limbs. Next time I'm feeling sorry for myself or down, I'll go to this site and watch his video again & again & again. Here's his web site -...
  9. geldor1

    My nephew is trying his hand at the Pro Golf Curcuit

    My nephew is one heck of a golfer. :D He is trying to do the U.S. Pro Golf Tour and we are supporting him in this. I just found out they started an LLC to help him raise the $40,000 he will need. Seems like this is the way a lot of folks get into the tour. As long as I can remember, he...
  10. geldor1

    Free tobacco from the Altadis samplers

    I just can’t get the hang of a pipe and I need to clean up the closet. Hopefully someone else can put this to use. I received some of the free Altadis samplers that were posted on the board a while back. Let me know if you want any of these and just pay postage. Take some or take all. ;)...
  11. geldor1

    Close call last night

    My wife and I were out at our weekly Bible study. Just getting ready to eat. My cell phone rings and it is my daughter. She says there is something wrong with her kitten, Nyoko. He is running around throwing up and his paw is swollen. She is starting to get scared at this point. She is watching...
  12. geldor1

    I have someone looking out for my well being...

    Not only did I get this email 3 times, I received it in several different accounts. So it has to be true. :whistling: Good thing this person is looking out for my best interests, those other scoundrels might have made off with my inheritance. I better send him all my personal info right away...
  13. geldor1

    Another 32nd Birthday - ddepaola

    Happy Birthday. :thumbs:
  14. geldor1

    Happy 32nd Birthday BrownDevil

    Happy Birthday. :thumbs: What's up with all the 32 year olds. :whistling:
  15. geldor1

    Found out I'm going to Vegas...Baby!

    It's a friends 50th Birthday and the wives got together and planned a little getaway. We're flying out this afternoon and getting back late Sunday night. There are 3 couples going on this weekeng trip. I think she said they already have a show picked out. (something about topless is all I...
  16. geldor1

    5 Years Ago Today

    Today is my 5th year anniversary. :D It was one of, if not the best, decisions that I ever made. I can say that my life right now is the best it has ever been. A nice part of that is she has gotten me back into attending and participating in church. She doesn't mind my hobbies. We’ve had...
  17. geldor1

    Can anyone help me look up a vehicle owner?

    My wife was in an accident this morning. She is fine. :D But the car is not. It is drivable with no visable damage, but the spare was rammed up under the frame and the body shop said it is going to be an insurance claim. She was sitting at a light and was hit from behind. She didn't call...
  18. geldor1

    Anybody heard from DDD lately?

    I see over at CW they are paging the members that live in and around where Katrina hit. Most of the folks have chimed in. They have PM'd and tried to e-mail Triple_D and haven't heard from him yet. I see he hasn't been active here since April, but was just wondering if anyone knows if he and...
  19. geldor1

    Just list my house with ReMax - Contest

    The wife and I have been throwing/kicking/batting around the idea of listing our house and purchasing another one. Yea, I know that talk is cheap. Well, I finally got my a$$ in gear and called a realtor. He goes to our church and was highly recommended by several people. They, yes there was a...
  20. geldor1

    Just finished shaving the twins

    Yep, just what you thought. Wife shaved the twins for me. :blush: Have a Dr.'s appointment to get the boys snipped tomorrow at 1:30. :0 All I can say is hope those 2 little white pills do their job. Wish me luck. I already have a bag of frozen peas in the freezer. :whistling: